10 apps to help you change any bad habits

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Few lifestyle changes require as much motivation and commitment as breaking a bad habit and that is why it is often such a difficult task. Since it’s such a big challenge to take on, it’s a good idea to explore some of the ways in which today’s apps can help kick these bad habits .

Everyone is different though, which is why there is a huge variety of different habit tracking apps that cater to different types of people as well as specific habits like drinking and smoking. While these apps can’t make anyone stop using or stick to a new one, they can certainly go a long way to helping.


Habit Tracker provides clean, custom tracking

Available on IOS (Free or $3.49/Month for Habit Pro.)

Screenshots of the Habit Tracker app on IOS

When it comes to tracking habits, good and bad, there’s no better way to start than using a simple and intuitive habit tracker like this one for iOS. Habit Tracker makes setting and recording whether a habit is maintained very easy, as well as providing reminders to encourage the user to stay on top of it.

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In addition, the monthly and annual comments together with detailed statistics about how well the user is doing give an additional reason not to fall back into old habits. The only weakness of Habit Tracker is that it is much more focused on positive habits than negative habits.

Lifestyle promises to help you change your lifestyle

Available on Android And IOS (Free or Premium from $3.99)

Screenshots of the Way of Life app on Iphone

Making a permanent lifestyle change is a difficult thing, and it’s made even more difficult by being busy and having little time to engage in difficult habit-tracking systems. Instead, A way of life promises to support the user to change their lifestyle by helping them see all kinds of positive and negative trends.

What sets it apart is that its incredibly simple design means it covers all the important information at the same time and only requires a minute of the user’s time each day. to keep it up to date. Unfortunately, the ability to add an unlimited number of uses is locked behind a subscription.

HabitShare is ideal for people who are socially motivated

Available on Android and IOS (free)

Advertisement for the HabitShare app for Android and Iphone

Social motivation is one of the best motivators for sticking to a goal or stopping a habit. Whether it’s everyone sharing their achievements and celebrating together or friends pushing each other to stick to their new lifestyle changes or lofty fitness goals -objective, some people succeed by having a circle around them to help.

Because trying to make these changes on your own can be much more difficult, HabitShare is an app designed around the idea of ​​that social motivation. Making a commitment to others means that there is automatically more pressure to stick to it, meaning that HabitShare can be a powerful tool for change.

The Streaks App makes good habits hard to break

Available on IOS ($4.99)

Screenshots of the Streaks app on IOS

Everyone knows that one of the most powerful ways to help stay committed to a goal is to display it in the form of a streak that needs to be maintained and the Streaks app is a habit tracker that takes advantage on here. The idea of ​​Streaks is that once the user builds a decent streak, they will keep at it until they break the streak.

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It’s also great in terms of design, boasting lots of themes and functionality as well as easy-to-read graphs to check progress. With negative activities specifically for breaking bad habits and a link to the iPhone’s built-in Health app for easy use with fitness routines, the $4.99 one-pay price tag is one that many don’t mind. -practices on repentance.

Available on Android and IOS (free)

Screenshots of the Sobriety Counter app on Iphone

For anyone looking for an app to help them achieve sobriety, luckily there is no shortage of apps that claim to do just that. One of the most widely recommended is Sobriety Counter, an app that comes with no shortage of amazing features to help the user stop at their own pace.

With health achievements that remind the user of the benefit of what they are doing and a “Slow Quit” mode for those for whom immediate cessation is impractical, Sobriety Counter is an impressive effort given that it is a free app it is. While that means some ads, it’s a relatively minor compromise.

Headspace is a meditation app that encourages change

Available on Android And IOS (Free or $12.99/Month For Headspace Plus)


Bad habits can be hard to break without establishing new, more positive ones. Headspace is one of the most popular as well as one of the best meditation apps out there and uses a “streaks” model to help turn mindfulness into a positive habit.

The app promises to help manage stress, anxiety, and more negative habits through guided meditations, courses, and exercises all focused on building a better mind. Although it is primarily aimed at building good habits in terms of mindfulness and relaxation, apps like Headspace can be a good starting point in dealing with bad habits.

Strides is an excellent all-in-one custom tracker

Available on IOS ($4.99/Month Or $29.99/Year)

Strides Goal tracker app screenshots

It may be one of the more expensive subscription model custom trackers but, for that price, Strides offers one of the most complete custom tracking packages to help the user with what they need. With the ability to track good and bad habits, reminders to stay committed, and detailed charts to show the user’s progress, Strides does almost everything a habit tracker needs.

Strides also comes with cool features like the ability to set a Target goal for a specific date with milestones along the way, so it’s easier to stay motivated. Add in an incredible number of templates to customize the app to the user’s liking as well as a ton of other bonus features, and it’s easy to see why many choose Strides to help them kick bad habits.

Days since you are helping all your bad habits

Available on IOS (Free or $2.99/Month for Club Membership)

Days from screenshots found use to quit

With so many practice administrators focused on establishing and maintaining good practices, it’s easy to feel underserved for those whose inherent bad habits are a long-standing concern. more. Fortunately, that’s not the case and Days Since is one high-quality example of a habit tracker that’s all about quitting.

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For any negative behavior the user wants to quit, Days Since provides a report, reminders to help keep the user accountable, and monthly data and analytics that goes far beyond just the number who struggle every day to stay committed. Privacy features like Face ID unlock are also important touches.

Smoke Free supports Smoking Cessation

Available on Android and IOS (Free or $23.99 for full version)

Screenshots of various pages in the Smoke Free app

Smoking is one of the hardest habits to quit and one that affects many people which is why there are some apps that are specifically designed to help with just that. What sets Smoke Free apart is that it is grounded in science and evidence-based methods that include rewards for smoke-free achievements.

For added motivation, No Smoke shows the user how much their health has benefited from quitting and how much money they have saved by not spending on cigarettes regularly anymore. . A number of different plans come with extras including specialist support and expert advice for an additional cost.

I Am Sober promises to Help Kick Any Addiction

Available on Android and IOS (Free or $9.99/Month for Sober Plus)

Screenshot from the I Am Sober app

There are many powerful and social health apps on the market but not many of them focus on kicking negative habits for improvement. I Am Sober is one example of an app that, however, promises to connect the user with a network of other people with the same goal in mind.

That’s not the only trick the app has though, as it also has great support for breaking any addiction including keeping track of holy days, milestone trackers, and data and analytics for additional incentive boosts. Perhaps the best motivational feature is one that allows the user to post their reasons for quitting, so that they are constantly reminded.

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