10 Best Classic Comedies, According to Reddit

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Even though humor has taken many different forms in recent times, there is still something wonderful about classic Hollywood comedies that can make anyone laugh. These movies usually don’t work on offensive properties or anything that will upset people. They have pure, simple stories with jokes and gags that work even on today’s teenagers.

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A thread on Reddit researches and compiles a list of comedy movies that work years after their release. And out of these recommendations, here are the 10 best ones to see on your next movie night!



10 Today (1936)

Charlie Chaplin in 'Modern Times'

Star and directed by the vivacious Charles Chaplin, Today features a burned-out worker left on the streets because of his erratic behavior. It is on the streets that he meets a beautiful woman and hopes to make a future with her. The film is filled with funny elements that will tickle the funny bones of the viewers.

Many users have suggested and agreed with this idea, including stoffercb and CoolBev. EdenH333 says, “I maintain that Chaplin and Keaton will always be funny. Especially gems like Modern Times and One Week.”

9 Duck Soup (1933)

Groucho Marx as Rufus T. Firefly in Duck Soup
Photo via Paramount Pictures

This seems to be another popular comment on the thread. Various redditors unanimously agree that Duck soup starring the Marx Brothers comedy is a timeless classic. Set in the fictional countries of Freedonia and Sylvania, the story follows the bankruptcy of the former country which is seen as an opportunity to wreak havoc with the latter country.

User OldManNewHammock says, “Came here to say Duck Soup. Marx Brothers are still very funny to this day.” EverDecreasingCircle agrees, “Duck Soup is what I said too. I was in shock when I first saw it and I cried and cried laughing the whole time. I had completely written that moment off before.”

8 Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)

Raymond Massey standing behind Cary Grant who is sitting in a chair watching Peter Lorre in Arsenic and Old Lace
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

It is another gem of that era Cary Grant. Many users have entered their favorite Cary Grant movie that made them laugh too hard. Arsenic and Old Lace is a dark comedy with elements of crime, mental illness and murder. In this film, a nephew reveals how his nieces keep killing their partners and the subsequent turn of events.

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User mgraunk agrees with the first suggestion and says, “Can confirm, I enjoyed watching this with my mom as a teenager. She was always trying to get me to watch old movies, and this was one of the few that I really liked and found funny at that age.”

7 The Circle (1979)


An identity crisis and a series of misadventures make this film a comic masterpiece. Steve Martin plays a simple-minded boy who believes he is a poor black child. When he stumbles upon the fact that he is really white and sees his name in a phone book, he begins a journey to find his true self and make a future for himself.

“I’ve always loved Steve Martin’s The Jerk,” cf_pt said. Additionally, user PlantationCane agrees, “This movie seems to have fallen in popularity recently for no good reason. Funny movie.”

6 It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963)

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World - 1963

When a car accident victim hints at a hidden treasure, a strange group of people go on a frantic search to unlock their fortune and get rich. With themes of greed, impatience, and sheer stupidity, director Stanley Kramer has made a great film that also has a message to share.

Redditor Yeeaaaarrrgh says, “I just saw this the other night and was laughing hysterically at some parts. It’s timeless fun!” Although some people recommend others to watch old movies and other actors to fully appreciate the beauty of this flick. Darthxletra says, “Mad, Mad is a bit of a struggle if you didn’t raise your child on movies from all decades because of the large number of big cameos from the big stars of the era. I think it still works without this, but it definitely takes a chunk out of it. “

5 Bare Gun: From the Files of the Police Squad (1988)

Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley in The Naked Gun
Photo via Paramount Pictures

As the film’s villain plans to spread an evil agenda to get people to kill the Queen of England, an inadequate cop and a woman named Jane embark on an adventure to thwart his plans. Directed by David Zucker, the film is followed by a sequel that is believed to be just as funny.

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Reddit user Objective-Pea3894 says, “It may not be as old as you want but you can’t go wrong with the Naked Gun franchise. Leslie Nielsen is timeless.” Another botjstn user agrees, “a bare gun will never be hysterical. I watched it with my dad when I was younger and I still use more than half of those jokes today.”

4 The Great Dictator (1940)

The Great Dictator

A great war comedy film by comic legend Charlie Chaplin, this film never fails to satisfy comedy lovers. The titular dictator Adenoid Hynkel works to extend his rule and control over his subjects while a local barber finds himself trapped after losing his memory.

Zoltanu says, “Love it! My wife also thinks my old movies are lame but she really enjoyed this one. She loved the Fuhrer’s speech in “German”. The speech at the end is one of my all-time favorites.”

3 Some Like It Hot (1959)

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in 'Some Like it Hot'

Billy Wilder bends the rules of comedy in this legendary film. Some Like It Hot tells the story of two musicians who witness a murder and realize that a mafia unit is on their tail. The fugitives think it is better to change their appearance completely and remain on the run. They make up and pretend to be girls in a girl band.

While VideoGuy1X initially praises it, user AustinRiversDaGod adds his comment, “I came here to say this. I caught TCM during the lockout, and I thought I was going to find something to get high and laugh at how old it was. I really found myself laughing my ass off.”

2 A Night At The Opera (1935)


It’s interesting to see how films made decades ago can retain their humor and charm for younger audiences even today. Marx Brothers appear in another popular comedy film on this thread. Directed by Sam Wood, the film follows a business manager and two wisecracking friends who want to boost their opera singer careers by taking down their enemies. A love story between two singers also drives the plot.

Ubersquid97 comments, “My sister and I are still picking things up from One night at the Opera, and we haven’t seen that movie in like 30 years. I feel like it’s timeless humor.”

1 ‘The Awful Truth’ (1937)

The Owful Truth with Irene Dunne as Lucy Warriner and Cary Grant as Jerry Warriner

The Leo McCarey directorial explores the story of a married couple who divorce after being suspected of having an affair. As the proceedings begin, Jerry and Lucy go to the ends of the Earth to get their way and undermine their once loving spouses. The ensuing madness is hilarious to watch for people of any age.

It’s fun to know how user Zampaneau watched the movie with his wife, “Recently, my wife and I watched The Terrible Truth (1937) for the first time, and not only were we very funny, we were struck by how amazing some of the contemporary humor was.”

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