2019 Masters Weather Forecast: Watch for thunderstorms late Saturday

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AUGUSTA, Ga. — The weather is always a factor when it comes to golf tournaments, but it becomes much more important when it comes to the most important golf event of the year. The 2019 Masters kicked off on Thursday at Augusta National Golf Club, and the weather was very mild. Yes, it was hot on the course – at times very slow – but the skies were clear and 18 holes of golf were played without issue.

These were not the conditions that are being found on Friday morning in Augusta. It rained all day and play was suspended for about 45 minutes in the afternoon. The concern is not the rain as golfers can play through rain or light rain; it’s the electronics that could be the issue. It is also expected that there will be bad weather at times on Saturday and possibly during the day on Sunday.

Saturday’s forecast calls for clear skies and temperatures reaching 86 degrees. However, there is a 51 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms at 5 p.m., meaning it may be difficult to get the entire third round in on time.

The Headmaster is not immune to bad weather as delays are common for that reason. However, the Masters has not been completed on a Monday since 1983.

As long as the grounds at Augusta National don’t get too wet, the sub-aerial system should help ensure solid course conditions throughout the weekend. For now, that all remains to be seen as we wait to find out what is in the air for the 65 men to play at the weekend.

Here is an hourly forecast for Friday from the Weather Channel and the forecast for the weekend in Augusta.


Thunder in the morning




SSE 7 mph


Afternoon storms




S 16 mph

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