2021 weather forecast: Storms, wind could affect play at Augusta National

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As consistent as Augusta National is from year to year, the only variable that exists for any outdoor event is the weather. The Masters course has been strong and fast ahead of Round 1, but there is a chance that the course could take different shapes during the week.

From the start of the tournament to the end, the weather in the Augusta, Georgia area could be volatile with things heating up midweek and potentially bringing rain and storms over the weekend.

For now, the forecast to start the week will be more of the past with only a 15% chance of rain on Thursday with a high of 83 and wind around 11 mph. Those conditions with hazy skies may not last, however, as Friday offers a chance for scattered thunderstorms with rain expected to increase throughout the day. Saturday could also bring thunderstorms with a forecast chance of precipitation around 80%

Golfers are bracing for brutal greens in case rain slows the course, which may require surgical precision. Three-time Masters champion Phil Mickelson said Tuesday that it’s something he and others are actively monitoring before taking to the course for Round 1 with strategy and approach depending on how firm – or soft – which circumstances indicate.

“When the greens are firm, the precision, the course management, the angles, the drop where the ball is left, all this stuff becomes very important in your ability to play this course effectively,” said Mickelson. “When the greens are soft, it’s irrelevant because you can fly the ball over all the trouble. Angles don’t matter. However, when the greens are firm, these small sections are very difficult to hit and you need to strategize. That’s the defense of the entire golf course.”

Here’s a general forecast for Augusta over the four-day event, according to the Weather Channel.


mostly cloudy




SSW 11 mph


Dispersal of storms




S 8 mph


PM storms




S 14 mph


A Little Cloudy




WSW 13 mph

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