2023 Masters winner Jon Rahm almost got caught by an NFL star, and JJ Watt has the text receipts to prove it

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After wins the 2023 Masters on Sunday, Jon Rahm decided to share a funny detail about how his win didn’t happen because he had a good friend before the tournament even started. The twist here is that his good friend just happened to be Cardinals tight end Zach Ertz.

After winning at Augusta National, Rahm revealed that he received a text from Ertz just before he was set to go off in the first round on Thursday.

“For those people who believe in jinxing,” Rahm said. “Thursday morning, when I was getting on the golf cart, getting to the range 10 minutes before my tee time, I saw a text from a good friend of mine, and I’m going to mention it because he’s a Super Bowl winner. champion, Zach Ertz.”

So where does the jinxing come in?

“He sent the text, and I’m going to rewrite it here, but he said, ‘That first green looks like a walk in the park right now,’ 10 minutes before putting I four putt to start the tournament,” explained Rahm. “So thank you, Zach. Don’t do that again, please.”

Rahm won the Masters by finishing 12 under, which is very impressive when you consider how his week started. As he said, he four-putted the first hole, which led to a double bogey, so he was 2 over before he even got to the second hole.

Of course, since Rahm ended up winning a green jacket, Ertz felt no guilt for jinxing his friend.

“I’m sorry for nothing at all,” Ertz write on Twitter. “You can expect these texts every major future my friend! Congratulations!”

The best part of all of this is that JJ Watt decided to share the entire text thread on Twitter. Rahm did not mention Watt’s name after the win, but Watt was apparently in the text thread with Rahm and Ertz.

In the text thread, Watt tells Rahm, “Pretend you’re playing with Zach and I. You’ll set the course record!”

Ertz then responds with, “The first green hole is like a walk in the park. ”

Rahm marked only one double bogey in the entire tournament, and the fact that it came on the hole that Ertz specifically mentioned is very funny. It’s also kind of funny that Watt also shared Ertz’s reaction to Rahm’s four-putt disaster.

“4 putt to start the round … not ideal,” Ertz wrote in a text he only sent to Watt.

The good news for Rahm is that he played the final 71 holes at 14 under, which allowed him to win the tournament. Rahm entered Sunday’s final round trailing the leader by two shots, but walked away with the victory after shooting a 69, which gave him a comfortable four-shot victory over Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson , who both finished 8 under.

As Ertz said, his texts are basically a reverse jinx now, so the tight end will have to send them to Rahm before every major contest from now on.

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