21 Appears as Ted Lasso

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“Ted Lasso” may be coming to an end after his third season, which is good news for AFC Richmond super fans. The Apple TV+ show follows the journey of the titular Ted (Jason Sudeikis), an American football coach who is hired to coach the other kind of football – soccer. Together, with his assistant coach and right-hand man Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), they change the players and staff of AFC Richmond for the better – and eventually start winning games too.

The show succeeds through a magical mix of comedy, drama, high-profile football matches, and lots of heart. So if you’re looking for another watch that can hit some of the same spots, we’ve got you covered. While part of the charm of “Ted Lasso” lies in its unique style and tone, we ended up with shows like “Ted Lasso” that we think fans will still love.

This range has everything you’re looking for – minus Ted’s famous cookies. They all share at least a few things in common with “Ted Lasso,” whether it’s a sports-oriented setting, quirky humor, a colorful cast of characters, or just a big heart, right you can’t help it. but love From serious sports dramas to unusual workplace comedies and much more, each of these shows is sure to win over the hearts of “Ted Lasso” fans everywhere.

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