4 clever points fans made about Debbie meeting Oussama’s mother

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90 Day Evidence: The Alternative Way star Debbie Aguero got to meet Oussama’s mother, but fans aren’t sure the interaction was positive. Her future mother-in-law seemed overwhelmed by Debbie’s candid comments. While Debbie tried to be friendly by talking to everyone, viewers are gathering online, and wondering if the gathering was successful or not.

Fans have been expressing doubts about this special couple, as many believe that Debbie and Oussama will not get married. The two are very different people, and they don’t communicate very well. There has been a lot of talk lately, with some fans believing that both are real, especially compared to a sea of ​​shooters. However, others believe they won’t last long. Debbie and Oussama are not sure if they will get married yet, and they haven’t decided where they will live. With all these issues to manage, and Debbie’s experience with the Oussama family, their future doesn’t look very promising.

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4 Debbie was good at “Putting Everyone at Ease”

Debbie Aguero on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way in her purple jacket

In a thread started by bettyknockers786, fans discussed Debbie’s conversation with Oussama’s mother. Fans feel that Debbie, “he did a good job introducing himself” and making small talk, something that has been struggling with other stars. One example is 90 Day of the Young Kim Menzies. To viewers, he was like Oussama’s father and sister,”[enjoyed] his company,“how natural Debbie is,”charm“did the,”strange“a more bearable situation. One person described Debbie as, “unusual oddball“and,”Free creative type.“This seems to help her in social situations, like meeting her boyfriend’s family. Because Debbie is human, “pleasant person,“It’s easy for her to get along with people.

3 90 Day Fiancé: Debbie TOW brings up her age too much

Debbie Aguero and Oussama on Fiancé 90 days: The other way walking down the hall

One criticism fans had for Debbie was, “she always raises her age,” as if she wanted someone to challenge her. Age gaps aren’t a special event in the franchise, but most couples don’t bring it up. When it’s not mentioned, it’s easy for him fans forget that, “significant age difference“Although the relationship between Debbie and Oussama,”built on friendship,“there are many”uncomfortable” with how often Debbie points out that she is much older than Oussama. Debbie looks young for 67, but when she is,”very focused“with their age gap, it’s hard to see anything else.

2 Why 90 Day Fiance: Oussama’s mother at TOW may have been uncomfortable

Fans thought that Oussama’s mother was giving Debbie, “side view” while they were talking, and some interpreted it as she did not approve of Debbie’s relationship with her son. A follower said that Oussama’s parents, “despair for [him] show interest in someone,“but I didn’t expect someone like Debbie. With her always celebrating theirs,”age gap,“Debbie created an unpleasant atmosphere. She was like Oussama’s mother,”disagree“of the relationship, or was,”horribleThe 43-year gap is very big for fans, not to mention Oussama’s mother.

1 90 Day Fiancé: TOW’s Debbie & Oussama Are Both “Oddballs”

Debbie and Oussama from the 90 Day Fiance montage

Although there were many small snafus when Debbie met with Oussama’s family, the conversation highlighted how the two are, “strange balls“It seems that the couple,”to find a new world,” and learning from each other. 90 Day Evidence: The Alternative Way fans think that Debbie,”wisdom and courage“helping Oussama to,”mature“Some people think that Oussama,”strange,“but very consistent with the incompetent Debbie. Debbie received positive comments from followers for always being herself and having,”heart of gold“There is still some hope that, despite Debbie’s somewhat rude conversation with Oussama’s mother, the couple will be able to work through any problems they may have.

Source: bettyknockers786/Reddit

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