A loss of $ 60 million marks Dwayne Johnson’s latest high profile situation

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There’s no denying that he’s still one of the most popular stars on the face of the planet, but doubts are starting to grow Dwayne Johnsonand sustainable potential as a bankable box office draw following several recent developments.

League of Super Pets DC and Adam black Bombing at the box office within months of each other was arguably the biggest professional setback of his career, especially when he spent so long talking to them as right-wing starters. vote only for James Gunn to laugh at the praise he had when he was named co-head of DC Studios.

As a result, The Rock’s amazing return to Fast & Furious – which came after he made it clear in no uncertain terms that he had no interest in returning – led many to believe he had gone back on his word to score a decisive hit. There is also the Moana remake, which fueled a conspiracy theory in itself that the actor and producer were the main force behind the project for the same reasons.

Even the small screen hasn’t been a safe haven for Johnson, either Young rock canceled after three seasons. Away from film and television, his Teremana tequila may be doing well having already poured a million cases, but the feeling can’t be applied to a football league revived the XFL.

An article from Forbes explains that the outfit posted a loss of $60 million in its first season, which is at least less than its predecessor and former boss Vince McMahon suffered. when it tried and failed to launch twice. It’s at least made longer by getting to the end of the opening year, but it remains to be seen whether it’s sustainable in the long run.

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