A man cries non-stop after winning a brand new car from Tunde Ednut

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A man cries non-stop after winning a brand new car from Tunde Ednut [Video]

A famous Nigerian music star turned blogger, Tunde Ednut has no doubt changed the life of a young Nigerian, who won a car at his birthday party.

Tunde Ednut turned 37 yesterday, January 20 and threw various parties around the world.

In celebration of his day, Tunde Ednut had given his fans a car and other prizes.

The winner of the new car, who could not believe his luck, broke down in tears on the stage. In a video making the rounds, the young perennial was seen in tears after his name was announced.

Tunde Ednut breaks records, celebrates his birthday in Atlanta, Russia, London South Africa and 10 states in Nigeria

Popular Nigerian music turned blogger, Tunde Ednut is throwing parties in about 15 different places around the world for his 37th birthday party today, January 20, 2023.

As he is delighted to celebrate his new age, the famous blogger had his friends kill cows and throw parties in his honor in 10 Nigerian states including Lagos , Abuja, Benin, Port Harcourt, Anambra, Owerri, Delta, Ogun, Kogi, and Calabar.

Tunde Ednut spread the birthday celebration to some cities in India, South Africa, London, Belgium, Atlanta, Russia, Ghana, and Sierra leone.

For the Nigerian state celebration, the party is an open invitation to all, however, attendees without their PVCs will not be able to win freebies like money and new cars and will not be entitled but on free food and drinks at the party.

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