A new true crime show will change the way you think about complicated families

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One big happy family? Not in this case.

In fact, Oxygen’s new series True Crime Deadly Family Feuds closely examines murder cases to ask the chilling question: Could a victim’s own flesh and blood be responsible for a heinous crime?

And E! News’ exclusive look at the trailer shows how the series dives deep into the horrific investigations, with interviews with authorities, family members and friends. “Lives are shattered,” a voiceover clearly puts it in the teaser, “when family feuds turn deadly.”

What can viewers expect?

Deadly Family Feuds dives deep into the gut-wrenching murder investigations that took place when smoldering feuds between and within families burst into flames,” said a press release from the network. the series focuses exclusively on the cause, tracing the cause, escalation, and final explosive conclusion of each deadly family feud.”

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