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Today, it’s hard to even imagine the television landscape where it is Ted Lasso it wasn’t there. The little-streaming-show-that-could, hailing from Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Joe Kellyand Brendan Hunt, eventually won W the hearts of countless viewers—as well as critical acclaim and awards. Now, the one question that really overshadows everything when it comes to the big hit Apple TV + is whether this third season will also be the finale. The marketing surrounding Season 3 has been tongue-in-cheek, rather than officially announcing an end point. Even Sudeikis hasn’t promised a definitive answer while making the promotional rounds, only hinting that the upcoming season will be “the end of the story.” [they] wants to tell.” That being said, if season 3 does come to be Ted LassoIt’s the swan song, we’re now ready to go out just as it appeared – reminding us of the ways in which we grew to like these characters, and the this world, so much.

It probably goes without saying that Season 2, for all its charm, sensitivity and optimism, still dealt with a lot of dark themes. It was difficult, at times, to see the optimistic Ted Lasso (Sudeikis) put down by the panic attacks he struggled to keep the rest of AFC Richmond from noticing, eventually leading to the Team Developer Sharon (Sarah Niles). It was even harder, still, to watch Nate’s assistant coach (Nick Mohammed) descends into the role of a new antagonist, a heel turn fueled by his private insecurities – not to mention a growing situation with name-searching on Twitter (not It’s always a good idea!). During last season’s broadcast, Hunt repeatedly referred to it as Ted Lassoand version of The Empire Strikes Back. That didn’t seem far-fetched by the conclusion of Season 2, which saw Nate turn his back on Ted – and by extension Richmond – and accept a coaching job at West Ham United, under the sinister eye of Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head). But, if season 2 was meant to be Ted Lassoand Empireit’s entirely possible that it could have a season 3 Return of the Jediwith a Nate-deemption arc that would only emphasize what the core of this show has been about all along.

As the new episodes begin, it’s clear that Nate is wrestling with more than one side of himself, and it’s a testament to Mohammed’s strengths in this role that he can tap into the inherent sadness surrounding his ‘ character, those brief glimpses of sensitivity before retreating behind meaner. a wall The newly minted football coach and the “wonder kid” are not the villain in this piece, but more of a sadistic figure, a cunning hero who needs an open hand rather than a closed fist. Before any Star wars comparisons are even more apt once we’re first welcomed into Rupert’s sinister West Ham office, and the design scheme seems to have taken a page from interior decoration the Emperor Palpatine. In fact, season 3 has more than one resemblance to the iconic franchise, including an elevator scene involving Nate and Ted that could be a clever homage to a similar conversation between a father and son .

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Meanwhile, season 3 of Ted Lasso there is a lot to throw at newly-promoted AFC Richmond, who are now tipped to finish in last place in the Premier League. It’s not an unfounded prediction, but anecdotally, it sets the team up as the underdog again, and these players are more determined than ever to prove themselves not not only to the media but to their long-suffering, loyal fans. That’s easier said than done when every other team – West Ham, chief of them all – doesn’t consider them the competition, but Rebecca’s team is (excellent). Hannah Waddingham) desire to get rid of her ex-husband and his new football club puts her effort to win at all costs. She’s not the only woman who needs to prove herself this season; now that she’s the head of her own public relations firm, Keeley (the ever-pleasing person Temple of Juno) struggles with finding the balance between being a serious business person and finding time for fun in the office. Fortunately, no matter how busy these women’s schedules get, the season still sees them make time for each other, maintaining an important friendship that anchors the entire show.

Overall, season 3 (or, at least, the four episodes prepared for review) strikes a lighter tone than its predecessors. That’s not to say there aren’t moments that threaten to dampen the show’s overarching theme of optimism—Ted continues to overcome the occasional symptom of his anxiety, as well as manage the problems. being a single father thousands of miles away from his son. That being said, Ted Lasso has been an optimistic series last. It’s that painful feeling that each episode leaves you with, even if the journey to find or recover positivity may be longer than the characters, or those of us who watch at home, expect to be.

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To that end, what Ted has, if not a successful romantic life, is a supportive group of friends. The self-titled Diamond Dogs, consisting of Ted, Beard, Higgins (Jeremy Swift), and a reluctant Roy (Brett Goldstein) to be a constant presence for each other, whether it involves personal life advice or a heated debate about the best Dame Julie Andrews character. So far, season 3 is prioritizing a move into friendship and platonic support between various couples over anything that could be described as romance (at least within the -early periods). Roy and Keeley may have trouble seeing eye to eye on an emotional level, but at the same time, Roy actually finds himself becoming friends unlike Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) when he takes the youngest player under his coaching wing. Their dynamic has certainly been seasons in the making and is well-earned, but it also allows Goldstein and Dunster to bounce off each other in a way that advertises their natural chemistry (which is a bit more begrudging on Roy’s part) instead. placing them in an unnecessary position.

Ted Lassothe third season feels like a reward for the fans who stuck it out through the highs and lows of season 2. That doesn’t immediately guarantee that the road ahead will be easy; as we have learned, sometimes there can be such a thing as too much favouritism, or a willingness to pretend that the hard times don’t exist in order to maintain hope. But while last season signaled just how serious things could get for Ted and the crew, season 3 is more of a return to form, the small screen equivalent of a hot cup of tea and a blanket big soft, as well as a successful hat. -trick for Apple TV+. To quote one of my favorite fictional journalists, Trent Crimm (James Lance), “If Lasso’s path is wrong, it’s hard to imagine being right.”

Rating: A-

Ted Lasso Season 3 premieres on March 15 on Apple TV +, followed by new episodes every week on Wednesdays.

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