Actor Chuck Bass explains why a Gossip Girl revival with the original singer has to happen

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  • Ed Westwick believes that the revival of Gossip Girl with the original casting should occur.
  • He feels there is a new story to tell about his character, Chuck Bass.
  • Westwick compares the revival of television to a boxing match, suggesting that it is important to give the fans what they want.

Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick explains why he believes a revival with the original cast must happen. Westwick played Chuck Bass in the hit CW show, with the character first introduced as a voice actor before becoming one of the main characters. In the Gossip Girl last in the series, in 2012, Chuck and Blair (Leighton Meester) get married and offer their favorite couple a happy ending.

Per Date, while speaking at the Red Sea Festival in Jeddah, Westwick spoke about why he feels the revival is necessary. The actor says he has some ideas in mind regarding Chuck. He also compares a television revival to something like a boxing match, in terms of the need to respond to audience drama for the original. Gossip Girl. Read his statement below:

I think there is a new story to be told about the Chuck Bass character. I have a story in mind that might work. You know what made me think about this? I stop a lot in the street for pictures and people want to talk about Gossip Girl. There are Gossip Girl fanpages, and I say, “Why don’t we give the fans what they want?” If this was boxing, or if this was something else, we would do the fight. We would give the fans what they want, and I think there is an argument that could be applied here.

It’s unlike a Gossip Girl revival

The co-creators of the Gossip Girl, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, have dropped the possibility of bringing back the teen drama. Schwartz specifically pointed out that there was already a short version of the show for Max. Although the spinoff focused heavily on new characters, it included references to original characters and even a few guest appearances by supporting actors, including Michelle Trachtenberg’s Georgina Sparks in season 2.

Although it ended with a lot of fanfare, the new one Gossip Girl failed to touch. It was quietly canceled after two seasons, with critics and audiences alike agreeing that it failed to live up to the early promise of the original. Schwartz has also been adamant about his lack of interest in a revival The OC, understanding that shows become a cultural juggernaut largely because of the time period in which they debate. Taking it back to a different time necessarily removes the intangible factors that make a piece of pop culture successful.

Chuck Bass was a divisive character even during the show’s run, presented as the romantic hero even though he attempted to sexually assault Jenny and Serena in his earliest episodes. Gossip Girl. Westwick, who has faced his own assault charges in recent years, was cast at a time when a teen drama about underprivileged high school students had the right ingredients. There is no guarantee that trying to revisit that story, or even improve it, would be the same at the same time.

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