Actress Kemi Afolabi Shows Off New Look After Lupus Treatment

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Actress Kemi Afolabi Shows New Look After Lupus Treatment Welcome to #Actress #Kemi #Afolabi #Shows #Lupus #Treatment EODBA BlogHere is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Kemi Afolabi

Nigerian actress, Kemi Afolabi has shared beautiful photos of herself sporting a new hairstyle at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States where she is undergoing treatment for Lupus.

The 44-year-old shared photos on Instagram on Thursday, thanking fellow actress Doris Simone for giving her a special treat at the latter’s hair salon in Maryland.

“New look courtesy of @doris_simeon_ salon. Baby you are beautiful in heart and hands too. Hello @doris_simeon_ for all types of hairstyles in Maryland you’re looking to look dope. Thank you so much, beautiful mother David. Appreciate your kindness, God bless you
” she has captioned the photos.

Kemi Afolabi took a break from the social media platform after traveling to the US for treatment for lupus.



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