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Trevor Noah boyfriend

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  • Trevor Noah is a TV personality known for his past hosting The Daily Show.
  • The Hollywood hunk is reportedly single at the moment.
  • He was once linked to pop icon Dua Lipa, actress Minka Kelly, and singer Jordyn Taylor.
  • In December 2022, Trevor hosted his last episode of The Daily Show.
  • He also rocked a black suit at the Met Gala on May 1, 2023.

Trevor Noah and Two Lips rumors about him started in September 2022 when he was photographed locking lips in New York City. The pair were reportedly spotted on a dinner date at a Jamaican restaurant in the East City, where they looked very “into each other and sat close to each other” while eating They then went through the streets of the town where they were seen embracing and kissing. It was the first time that the Daily show the host, 39, and the pop superstar, 27, were romantically linked.

Trevor has had a series of relationships during his rise to international fame, although he once said that he doesn’t need to be in a relationship to be surrounded by love. “I understand if I love myself and I have friends who love me and a family who loves me. I’m in a constant state of love,” he said in 2016. “That’s what I learned: happiness is a choice; happiness is hard work.”

At the time, he was in a relationship with Jordyn Taylor, a luxury real estate agent and the founder of the non-profit Rebirth Homes, whose mission is to “fight human trafficking” and help survivors heal. With that said, let’s take a look at Trevor’s past few relationships that happened before his romance with Dua.

Does Trevor Noah currently have a girlfriend?

The 39-year-old maintains a relatively low profile and although much of his past love life is publicly known, he still prefers to keep it very private. Currently, Trevor is reportedly single, per Parade, however, he may be in a committed relationship and has not come out with it publicly. In an interview in 2019 on the The Howard Stern Show, the TV personality explained why he likes to stay out of the tabloids. “I like real people in life,” he said at the time. When Howard Stern asked him where he meets women, Trevor noted that he meets them “everywhere.” He also said he was “not against” marriage, but “doesn’t know” if it will happen. Trevor was notably never married.

Dani Gabriel

Trevor and Dani Gabriel They are both from South Africa and started dating while Trevor was still living there and working on his craft. They got together in 2014, according to the Daily Mail, and she was very supportive of his comedy career. She was often by his side during his visits and supported him when he was announced as a new host The Daily Show in March 2015. “I knew you had it in you and they saw it too,” she fall. “Now the world must share it. I couldn’t be prouder.”

However, the duo’s dynamic broke up soon after he landed the gig. The Daily Mail reports that it may have been because of the physical distance between them, as Trevor moved to New York City to pursue his dream and Dani was tied up with her physiotherapist practice in Cape Town. She spoke to the site in April 2015 when she was 28 years old, but did not reveal why she and the host of the show went their separate ways.

“Yes, he’s going through this big transition but at the end of the day he’s not a celebrity to me and he’s never treated himself like that and I won’t treat him like that, I won’t I bring that into my life,” Dani said of their enthusiasm. “I do I don’t need to publicly show my support for Trevor, he doesn’t need to prove it to anyone other than me and him. Anything that needs to be said I have said to him personally.”

Dani also explained why she and Trevor choose not to talk about their relationship or how it ended. “This world is not a very healthy world, so we can’t be involved in it now no matter how big it is,” she explained. make a difference in my life. I don’t talk about my stuff, Trevor doesn’t talk about my stuff. There’s nothing more I have to say, whatever it is, other than the that, it’s really between me and him.”

Dani has since moved on with the love of her life and even got engaged to a named photographer Mike in August 2022.

Jordyn Taylor

Trevor Noah boyfriend
Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor have been dating for several years (Photo: Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

31-year-old Trevor and 24-year-old Jordyn Taylor they made their relationship public in November 2015, just months after Trevor and Dani split. Little is known about their relationship, but it is known that the model was previously linked to a man who tragically died in a car accident in 2011. A few days after his death, Jordyn called him her “one and ONLY love” . Twitter and reminded people to “always appreciate the special people in your life. “

Trevor may have used his best dating tip to get with Jordyn, which he revealed to him PEOPLE in 2017 while they were still together. “Never open with a joke. This is the most terrible thing,” he said. “Jokes need context. Without context, you’re just some random person who came and told someone where they fell from [heaven] or something random, and if you insult him you look worse and it seems like an insult. No humor! Just say hello. That’s all!”

Unfortunately, their romance fizzled out in the summer of 2018. During a Q&A session on her Instagram in January 2019, Jordyn confirmed their split, according to the Live Times. “Of course I love him. How could you not love him?” she wrote in response to a fan who asked her if she likes Trevor. “I love him so much but you should know we broke up last summer but I love him.”

It seems that there is no bad blood between the former partners, as Jordyn still has a few old images of the couple on her feed, as seen above.

Minka Kelly

Trevor Noah boyfriend
Trevor Noah’s relationship with Minka Kelly is his shortest public romance to date (Photo: Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / MEGA)

Minka Kelly42, who starred in 2011 The Living Room opposite Leighton Meester, he began dating Trevor at some point in 2020. By September of that year, it was reported that things between the two were “very serious” and that they were “very happy”. Unfortunately, by May, they separated. “Trevor has been dating casually in New York for a few weeks now. He’s been vague about the dynamics of his split with Minka, but he’s single,” a source confirmed EXCLUSIVELY to Hollywood life.

However, a few weeks later, the couple gave their love a second chance. They looked as happy as ever in September 2021 on a tour of the Big Apple and in January 2022 when they visited South Africa together. They were together for another 10 months until they called it quits for good. A source said PEOPLE in May that the couple had been separated “for a while” and that Minka was taking it well. “She’s very happy,” said another insider. “She’d rather be single than waste her time with the wrong guy.” It’s important to note that Trevor and Minka also split briefly in May 2021 before ending their romance for good a year later, according to Parade. Minka appears to be single as of this writing.

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