All deer head locations in Alan Wake 2

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Dozens of deer heads can be found throughout the areas you can explore Alan Wake 2, offering a rare collection of prizes to those who find all of these prizes. Tracking down each of these bounty hunters gives you a glimpse into the mind of Saga Anderson, the character you play for most of the game. You may need to use special items to get into the various buildings that have Deer Heads in their decorations.

Unlike collectibles like Nursery Rhymes and Culture Stahes in Alan Wake 2Yes no puzzle you need a solution to win the rewards attached to Deer Heads. Unfortunately, since these awards do not count as items to pick up, they do not appear on your map when you show different signals from Ranger or Witchfinder Stations. Every part of the body is grateful inside a building or a structure to explore deep within the forest.

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All deer head locations in Loch Cauldron

Alan Wake 2 Deer's Head location in the Loch Cauldron area

Only three Deer Heads is in Loch Cauldronthe first major area you will explore Alan Wake 2 when you start investigating the murders in the area. You may accidentally stumble across one as you enter one of the many huts that dot the woods here without knowing it’s part of a set. These trophies are very similar to the masks that Cult enemies see throughout the game, offering some kind of connection.

Some deer heads may only be found after you progress through the story and collect items that may unlock new areas, such as the Bolt Cutters or Scraper in Alan Wake 2.

Deer head

Where to find

Map Image

Deer Head #1

Go right of the Murder sitewhere you can find the Deer Head in a log cabin just below the General Store.

Deer Head #2

Inside the Witchfinder Station at the north west corner of the Loch Cauldron map.

Deer Head #3

In the later chapters of Alan Wake 2, after receiving the file Bolt Cuttersfind the entrance to the smaller building on the left when you enter the Rental Cabins from the locked gate to find Deer’s Head.

All deer head locations in Bright Falls

Alan Wake 2 Deer head in a location in the Bright Falls area

Five deer heads occupy the buildings of Bright Falls, which makes sense when you consider that this map includes the main town of the area and not just a few outlying cottages. Be careful not to crossed the point of no return in Alan Wake 2and story, otherwise, you can’t go back and find the remaining rewards in any area. Reaching any limit in the game will lock you out of the content you haven’t already followed.

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Deer head

Where to find

Map Image

Deer Head #4

Inside Elderwood Palace Lodgeright in the room both Saga and Casey used.

Deer head #5

Behind the storeroom Oh Deer Dineryou can see Ceann an Fheid towards the back of the shop near the cash register.

Deer Head #6

Go to it Manor within the Valhalla Nursing Home area, and then travel to the second floor storage room to find the Deer Head.

Deer Head #7

Inside the room without a doorknob in the Valhalla Health Centerin a Workshop area you can only get during Alan Wake 2the fifth story chapter, “Return 5: Old Gods.

Deer Head #8

At Bright Falls Ranger Stationa structure that you only get once you are on the Bolt Cutters later in the game.

All deer head places in Watery

Alan Wake 2 Saga find the location of a deer's head in an aquatic as part of the total rewards of each area

Only four Heads of Deer stay in Watery, the last great area to explore for its variety of landmarks and other hidden treasures. Unlike the organized buildings found in Bright Falls, Watery’s structures are spread over a wider area, making it a bit more difficult to find each hunting trophy. Be sure to look for other items such as Alex Casey lunch boxes in Alan Wake 2 while trying to discover all the secrets this place has to offer.

Deer head

Where to find

Map Image

Deer Head #9

Search Suomi Hallthen you will see the Deer’s Head in the building’s safe room.

Deer head #10

Using the Scraperaccess the trailer at the Lighthouse trailer parkwhich is northeast from the “My Trailer” marker on your map.

Deer Head #11

Drive through the locked gates next to the Kalevala Knights Workshop using the Bolt Cutters to find Deer’s Head just inside the main shop area.

Deer Head #12

Go to it Ranger cabin which is northwest of Latte Lagoon in Coffee World to find the Deer Head almost immediately inside.

Ultimate Deer Head & Prizes

Alan Wake 2 Ultimate Deer Head Rewards from Bright Falls Redemption Guest Lodge Room

Once you have found all 12 deer heads on each map, you must talk to the head in Saga’s mind in Alan Wake 2. Doing this will give you a hint, with the head in Saga’s mind telling you find its counterpart in the real world. This refers to the room that Saga and Casey share Elderwood Palace Lodgea place that looks almost identical to the center of Saga’s mind, and a place you remember hosting one of the Deer Heads from Bright Falls.

Return to the Lodge and interact with the Head Deer in the Saga room to a real deer that has appeared in the building. The animal stares at you before you calmly walk further down the halls of the Lodge, almost making you the creature continued. The deer disappears from your view as it travels down the series of guest rooms, leaving one open door at the end of the corridor on your right in Alan Wake 2.

You won’t see the deer anymore, but you will come across an unlocked room full of healing items and ammo for your weapons. There are a ton of extras here that will surely help you as you continue to fight against the shadowy forces that have gripped this small town. Find all Deer Head locations there Alan Wake 2 is a great way to stock up before the final tough fights of the story.

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