Alyssa Milano’s Life in Pictures: Her Best Moments

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During their time on set, Milano and Doherty reportedly did not get along, and sources said at the time that Doherty gave the network a “me” ultimatum.

The tension between them continued to grow.

“There were times when I would come in and say, ‘Good morning, Shannen,’ and she wouldn’t say anything to me,” Milano said.

“And there were times when she would come in and say, ‘Good morning, Alyssa,’ and I wouldn’t say anything to her. “

In another interview with Entertainment every week in 2001, Milano acknowledged the tension on set and explained that she and Doherty were just at odds.

“I think it’s difficult when you put … two very different people together,” she said.

“I’m very calm and patient… [Doherty’s] she’s got a lot of energy, she’s very strong, she wants to do the job.”

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