Andrew Tate Drops “final Message” Video On Vimeo After Receiving Multiple Bans From Social Media Sites

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Andrew Tate, of social media fame and former professional boxer, has left a final message on Vimeo regarding his social media ban. Tate is having a tough time as she is banned from one social media platform after another. He finally broke his silence with a video on Vimeo where he addressed all the criticisms leveled at him. But what did he say about it?

Read on to learn more about Andrew Tate’s final message on Vimeo about his social media ban.

Andrew Tate and Controversy

Andrew Tate rose to social media fame with millions of fans across all platforms. However, his presence on the social media platform was short-lived. Sometimes back he commented on sexual harassment and ra*e victims which does not sit well with anyone. The post that led to his Twitter ban.

Since then one or the other act of Tate is going viral on social media. He was eventually banned from all major social media platforms. Where recently even his channels on YouTube and Twitch were not available.

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate’s absence on YouTube and Twitch

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, all major social media platforms have banned Andrew Tate for his controversies. However, recently we also saw some netizens how Tate’s YouTube channel showed the channel unavailable.

YouTube and Tate have not given a reason why Tate’s channel was removed. However, it also happened that Tate took down their Twitch channel. The post is rarely available on any social media platform.

Tate delivered the final message on Vimeo

On August 23, Andrew Tate finally broke his silence on his social media ban. He made a video on Vimeo that was over 1 hour long. where he expressed his feelings about being beaten up as a child on the school bus. He eventually addressed his social media ban and the criticism he received.

He said that he cares for women and also does charity on their behalf. Slamming his haters, he also said that the rest of his social media accounts will work for social and charitable causes. He also urged everyone to speak the truth clearly and respectfully. Tate’s hour-long video was his final message to all, to get his side of the story out.

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