Anthony Carrigan reflects on that “Barry” season, episode 4

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Do you feel you have changed as an actor being on this successful show, and do you think you have grown since appearing on the show in 2009 The Forgotten?

Yeah, it’s day and night. Not only because in that show I wore hair pieces and put on makeup to make it look like eyebrows. Now I’m bald and feel good about myself, but I think it also taught me how to trust my instincts and instincts. I don’t think I’ve ever trusted myself to really be seen, but now I’m excited to branch out in different directions.

You are very open about yourself experience with alopecia and how that affected your career. In The Forgotten, you had hair. In Gotham, you play Victor Zsasz, who was very bald in the source material. In Barry, the character’s appearance is irrelevant. What do you have from that?

I can appreciate both. From Gotham, Victor Zsasz is a bald villain, [and] I love to lend my talents to bring such a character to life. That being said, I also like to work on something where the question is not asked, “Where are that person’s eyes or why is that person bald?” It’s just who he is.

Are you worried about being typecast as an assassin based on your roles as Victor Zsasz and NoHo Hank?

Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t really like it. That being said, I can do a lot more. I guess it’s weird to say that playing a murderous type of psychopath is a touchstone for me, but I’m excited to get away from that. I can always come back to it, for sure.

What kind of characters are you hoping to play next now that your career is taking off?

Not necessarily the kinds of roles but the kinds of worlds I want to be in. Barry it’s obviously hard to follow when it comes to dark comedy. So in that genre, I will be very careful about what I choose to do. But I like the idea of ​​being in a very wide world, and I think that would be very cool to participate in next. Whatever form it takes.

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