Anthony Michael Hall talks on the last phone with John Hughes + His New Projects

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Anthony Michael Hall talks about John Candy being on his last phone call with John Hughes as well as other insights into his 45-year career.

It’s hard not to think of the 80s without thinking of Anthony Michael Hall. From Sixteen candles to The Breakfast Club to Weird science, he was part of many progressive and formative comedies of all time. As he grew we saw him take on darker roles. I will always love him as the lover from Edward Scissorhands and even the US The Dead Zone. In 2021 he took over the role of Tommy Doyle in Halloween Kills and made three infamous words. There is even a new project that is separate from Netflix entitled Trigger Warning which is like a female version of Roadhouse. He has been working regularly for over 40 years and has been great while doing it. And luckily, he is open to discuss everything.

I was lucky enough to talk to the amazing actor for his upcoming film, On Force One Down. Although Hall isn’t in the movie a ton, it’s a nice throwback to 90s action movies. Plus, when you finally get a chance to talk to the guy about drunk Gary, you do it! It was very beautiful and gave a great insight into the background of some of his greatest classes. The guy is really humble and a real pleasure to talk to. They often say “Don’t meet your heroes” but in this case, that couldn’t be more wrong. Be sure to check out the interview above and hopefully we can make that happen Gemstones right role to be had!

On Force One Down plot:

On her first assignment aboard Air Force One, a rookie Secret Service agent faces the ultimate test when terrorists hijack the plane, aiming to disrupt a major energy contract. With the president’s life on the line and a global crisis at stake, her bravery and skills are pushed to the limit in a never-ending battle that could change the course of history.

ON FORCE ONE DOWN which is in Select Theatres February 9, 2024 and Available for digital purchase February 13, 2024.

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