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Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umanskyseparation has become complex, including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills past star comments about prenups overlay. Even though the estranged spouses confirmed their separation, are they really getting a divorce? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Kyle and Mauricio’s split and where they are today.

Are Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky getting a divorce?

In early July, reports emerged claiming that the Halloween actor and real estate broker division. The pair took to Instagram to clarify their marital status.

“Regarding the news that came out about us today … any claims of a divorce are false,” they wrote in a statement. “But, yes, we’ve had a rough year. The most challenging in our marriage. But we have a lot of love and respect for each other. No one has committed any crime, [sic].”

In the coming months, fans wondered whether or not Kyle was in a relationship with her friend, Morgan Wade. However, Kyle, Mauricio and Morgan have shut down the rumours.

In late September, Mauricio caused confusion among his inner circle and the public when he said that he and Kyle were “definitely” “separated” and “not divorced at the this level” when he appeared on the “Red Mic” podcast. Less than a week later, he clarified what he meant to TMZ.

“Kyle and I are people, okay? We have feelings, we have feelings, we’re going through a very hard time, okay?” Mauricio told the outlet, before adding, “We’re separated right now, we’re not talking about divorce and we’re trying to deal with this stuff on the side in with ourselves in private.”

The Group founder continued, “When I answered the question on that podcast about where we stand, the question Kyle and I asked was the story to create a ranking to create all kinds of different things. And the answer was that we didn’t send the story.”

In several different interviews with other outlets throughout October, Mauricio doubled down on his comments. Although he and Kyle are “separated at the moment,” he said they are not “throwing in the towel” on their marriage. Later this week, Bravo released the emotional trailer for season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsand this showed Kyle crying about their separation.

While he is talking to Andrew Cohen forward Watch what’s happening liveKyle admitted that the idea “originally” came from her.

Why did Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky break up?

Neither Kyle nor Mauricio have explained the reason behind their split. However, the original report from PEOPLE in July claiming that they had been “separated for a while now but [were] still living under the same roof.”

In the drama RHOBA trailer, the estranged spouses were seen sitting with their daughters, Farrah, Alexia and Sophia, apparently telling them about their separation.

“We are a very strong family, and we always will be,” Kyle said through tears. “Always will. Nothing can change that. “

Are Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umanksy still married?

To date, the spouses are still legally married, but separated. In an interview with entertainment tonight, Mauricio revealed that he and Kyle are still “fighting” to save their marriage. However, on October 12, Page Six photos surfaced of Kyle going out at Home Goods in Beverly Hills, sans wedding ring, lending legitimacy to further speculation that the couple is over.

Days earlier, on October 6, rumors emerged that Mauricio and real estate pro Leslie Bega flirting The speculation followed Mauricio’s mother Estella Sneider shared a photo at a dinner of Mauricio’s father Eduardowith Mauricio and Leslie, after taping of Dancing With The Stars. In the snap, the brunette beauty put her arm on Mauricio’s shoulder and smiled. Mauricio, too, seemed delighted in the photo. Another photo showed the four standing together. “Dinner at Il Pastaio afterwards Dancing With The Stars!” Estella, who is separated from Eduardo, partially captioned the photos.

On October 9, however, TMZ drop an explosive report that it’s not Mauricio with Leslie – it’s his father, Eduardo! The outlet said that, “it turns out that Leslie went to the show with her date – Mauricio’s father, Eduardo Umansky.”

On October 24, 2023, Twitter user @TheBravoBabe_ shared a crazy scene. “Update: Kyle deleted her DWTS support posts from her Instagram,” the account Tweeted, along with a wide-eyed emoji. In fact, Kyle had shared a post in September showing support for Mauricio as he competed. DWTS, which is absent from her verified account. In it, she shared a promo photo of Mauricio and Emma Slaterhis dance partner, and educated followers on how to vote many times.

However, he was spotted publicly holding hands with Emma on October 22 after dining together in Beverly Hills, according to TMZ. Photos were released by the outlet just a day before Kyle deleted the support posts.

Recently, on November 14, 2023, Kyle slammed rumors that she faked the drama in her marriage to generate ideas for RHOBA. “What man would create a story like this?” she said on Bravo’s Senior Producer Alex Baskinand podcast Bravo’s Hot Mic. “No offense, Alex. I love you and everyone with the show. Who would do that for ratings? Put their family through this. That is one of the worst things I have ever heard in these 13 years. I’m going to pretend I’m divorced and torture my children? So people tune in?”

Kyle then followed up and noted that she’s been on the show for 13 seasons and doesn’t need the drama to impress anyone, as reported by E! News. “When people talk about, ‘Oh, they do these things to be relevant,’ I’ve already been on the show 13 years,” she said. “It worries me that to be relevant to my friends and family. Yes, I’m on TV, but I’m good. I’m not looking to be more relevant. I would never put my family through this.”

Do Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Have a Prenup?

Amidst all the drama, comments Kyle made about whether or not the couple had a prenup during 2017 Then & now interview replayed. Kyle explained why they didn’t have one when they got married. “My husband and I didn’t have two nickels to touch when we got married, so a prenup wasn’t an option or even discussed,” she said. had less money than me, I would probably get them to sign a prenup, but if I were marrying someone with a lot of money, I wouldn’t sign one.”

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