As video shows child escaping attempted abduction, expert reveals what parents need to know

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Parents are concerned as they witness the abduction of an 11-year-old girl on her way to school.

A home surveillance camera, recently shown on Fox News Digital, captured the moment when suspect Joseph Ruiz, 37, suddenly pulled over his car while the girl was ‘ walk to school in Glendale, Arizona. He bowed to her, but the child was able to outrun him and escape. (See the video at the top of this article.)

Ruiz was booked​​​​​​​after being charged with attempted kidnapping and hindering confinement, according to FOX 10 Phoenix.


However, child predators are real throughout the United States.

Fox News Digital spoke with David Nance, safety expert and CEO of personal safety brand SABER in Chicago, Illinois, about what parents should know about keeping their children safe.

A shared image of a kidnapping attempt with a stock photo of a girl

A safety expert revealed how parents can keep their children safe in the wake of a recent attempted kidnapping in Arizona. (Glendale Police Department/iStock)

“Remember that even if you live in a ‘safe neighborhood’, it only takes one person with bad intentions to enter that neighborhood to make it dangerous,” he said.

Nance suggested that parents consider the age of their children before letting them walk to school alone.

“[Eleven years old] he is still very young to walk [to] school only,” said Nance, “however short that visit may be.”

Shared image of screenshots of attempted hijacking

Parents should think about age before letting children walk to school alone in the wake of the Arizona kidnapping attempt, one safety expert said. (Glendale Police Department)

Nance emphasized that safety in numbers is important, and she advised parents to have conversations with their children about what to do in dangerous situations.

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“Tell them to trust their instincts if something does [or] it doesn’t look right – like a vehicle making a slow U-turn and stopping right next to you on a street,” said Nance.

“Give this soothing 360-degree sensation a name your kids like. Maybe even put a yellow patch on their backpack or give them a yellow rubber wristband as a souvenir.”

the children's backpack

Children who are still in primary school are likely too young to walk to school alone, according to one safety expert. (iStock)

Nance emphasized that children should separate themselves from danger when they see one — just like the Arizona preteen ran away from Ruiz.

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“As soon as a threat is identified, put as much as you can between that threat and yourself,” he said. “Run and call for help.”

Father helping a child with a backpack

Parents can put light alarms on their children’s backpacks in case of an emergency, a safety expert said. He also said that putting a yellow patch on the bag or giving children a yellow rubber wristband as a reminder that they should turn to the other side or run away if there is danger. (iStock)

If children cannot separate themselves from danger enough, parents can also place an alarm on their child’s backpack in case of an emergency.

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Nance also noted that parents can use technology to keep their children safe and their minds at ease.

A woman texting

Parents can monitor their children’s locations for peace of mind, an expert said. (iStock)

“If your kids have a phone, they could have a smart safety button, which connects to the phone via Bluetooth and then notifies parents and select contacts of danger and their location,” Nance said.

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