Audience release date set for Tessa Thompson’s drama Vertical from Steve Buscemi

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According to Deadline, Vertical Entertainment has officially acquired the North American theatrical distribution rights for the upcoming drama film The Listener, from actor-filmmaker Steve Buscemi. The Tessa Thompson-directed film is set to hit theaters and digitally on March 29.

“Alessandro Camon’s screenplay for The Listener resonated with me on many levels,” Buscemi said in a statement. “I loved the journey our main character Beth bravely takes each night, evaluating and navigating each call, figuring out in real time how she can be of help to the unknown voices in the ear that need guidance, reassurance, sympathy, or just to be heard.

Tessa Thompson’s breakthrough and powerful performance as Beth is the heart of the film, and I am grateful to her and our distinguished cast of callers who provide the richness and joy of everyday people’s desire for connection. To me, the elegant exchange between caller and listener is nothing short of heroic.”

Who is involved in The Listener?

The Listener is directed by Buscemi from a screenplay written by Alessandro Camon. Joining Thompson are Rebecca Hall, Logan Marshall-Green, Margaret Cho, Alia Shawkat, Derek Cecil, Ricky Velez, Casey Wilson, Jamie Hector, Blu Del Barrio and Bobby Soto. The film is produced by Thompson, Buscemi, Wren Arthur, Oren Moverman, Lauren Hantz, Billy Mulligan and Kat Barnett. Executive producers are John Hantz, Julia Lebedev, Eddie Vaisman and Suzanne Warren.

“The film tells the story of Beth (Thompson), a home helpline worker who is part of the small army that gets on the phone every night across America, receiving calls from all kinds of people who feel lonely, broken, without hope,” read the official synopsis of the film. “Over the past year, the tide has become a tsunami. As Beth goes through her pregnancy, the yoke rises: is this the night she will lose someone? Save someone? Finally, Beth’s own story comes to light, revealing why she does it. All the while, we stay with her: listening, comforting, connecting – connecting the world back together, one call at a time.”

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