Austin Mcbroom Vs Anesongib Taking Place On September 10

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Boxing lovers have long awaited the Austin McBroom vs Anesangib fight which is finally taking place after a delay. Earlier this fight was scheduled to take place in July. However, due to some health issues with AnEsonGib, the fight could not take place. But fans will finally get it again. So, when is it happening?

Read on to know more about Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib.

The Austin McBroom vs. Nsangib fight was scheduled for July

Boxing fans love to see a good fight in the boxing ring. They often find that there are no fights. Some of them often happen on the second date as well. So, when they found out that Austin McBroom and Nsangib were going to fight, they were excited. This fight also got a date of 30th July. However, AnEsonGib’s health issues prevented the fight from happening.

AnEsonGib has to undergo several health tests before entering the fighting ring. Still, Austin McBroom is pushing hard to reschedule the fight to take place in September this year. Which seems to be finally happening now.

Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib rescheduled

Fans learned that McBroom vs Nsanjib was not happening. They are curious to know whether the schedule of this fight will be fixed or not. Finally, on August 15, Social Gloves announced the canceled fight between AnEsonGib and McBroom.

So now the fight is taking place in September according to social gloves. Now this fight will be held on August 10. The time is 6pm PT/ 9pm ET. The venue for the fight is Bank of California Stadium, Los Angeles. Further, there are more updates on it.

Fan reaction to McBroom vs AnEsonGib new fight

Certainly fans of both AnEsonGib and McBroom are happy to know that the fight is finally happening. Meanwhile, tickets to attend the venue to watch the fight will go live soon. The ticket distribution dates are yet to be announced.

Make no mistake, there are many boxing events that don’t happen due to one issue or another. However, boxing fans are excited for McBroom vs. AnEsonGib to hit the boxing ring next month.

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