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Avatar: The Last Airbender IMAX

Avatar: The Path of Water has been out for just a few weeks and is already on its way past $1 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Despite the 13 year wait that audiences had to keep between the original version Avatar and the sequel, James Cameron has not missed a beat as many have praised the director for creating a sequel that rivaled the previous one.

But with the amount of success the film has garnered, not just from critics but from everyday moviegoers, it’s worth asking whether or not that audience has actually seen it. Avatar: The Path of Water however – or at least, seen as it was seen. Avatar 2 newjust like before Avatar film, filmed by Cameron in a style that meant watching the final cut of the film in an IMAX theater rather than a conventional style. But with conventional theaters far more common (and cheaper) many viewers have chosen to see the film as a last resort, which begs the question – is The Waterway really have to watch in IMAX so people get the full picture?

General Theater does not take away from the story

First things first – regardless of the fact that James Cameron filmed the film with the full intention of it being seen in an IMAX theater, experiencing The Waterway in a normal theater it certainly won’t affect one thing, and that is the incredible story that Cameron and his team put together for the sequel. Again, it had been over a decade since most viewers had seen the original film, but Cameron was able to make audiences slip back into the story and characters as if be. Avatar debuted last year instead of 13 years ago. Pandora felt like a cozy home and Sully’s family felt like long-lost friends that viewers couldn’t wait to catch up with – whether you saw the film in IMAX or not the usual theater.

As it is, the story certainly does not need fancy images or excessive 3-D images to connect with audiences on a human level, so the first argument was that no, there is no need to watch the movie in IMAX for. viewers to get their money’s worth… but many things are never so black and white, even in cinema.

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IMAX High Frame Rate is the intended format

Although we can admit that the story of the film is not reduced at all by seeing it in a normal theater, it is not possible to undermine the reality of how James Cameron was trying to create a creation. After all, in a one-dimensional world, things are much easier to understand and explain. But Cameron has created a successful world within a world and it stands to reason that such a performance would come with some gray area based on contextual differences, and we as an audience have to respect Cameron to make the film as he wanted.

So, with that in mind, does the film have to be seen in IMAX for the viewer to get the full experience? The question ends up being rhetorical, so ask yourself these questions instead – do you think you fully experienced a rollercoaster ride if the ride only went 10mph all the time? If you’ve traveled to a popular foreign city, but never left the hotel room, do you think you fully experienced the trip? Or was something missing?

In that light, since Cameron made the film specifically with the intention of it being seen in IMAX (in High Frame Rate 3D), it’s very easy to argue that people who don’t only saw the film in regular theaters on ‘. t fully know it yet. Again, IMAX theaters are more expensive and of course there are viewers who couldn’t care less if they got the ‘full experience’ or not and were just out to see a movie good – but for those of us who understand the possibilities, it’s difficult. without feeling like the viewers missed out on something great.

What’s The Answer?

The unsatisfying answer to this question is that it is entirely up to the viewer whether or not Avatar: The Path of Water it needs to be watched in IMAX for the audience to enjoy it. On the one hand, regardless of the amazing scenes, the story of the film is amazing and the characters are so amazing that the film can be enjoyed as an audio book let alone seen in a regular theater . But on the other hand, the context of the situation is important and James Cameron had a vision for the film that he was able to pull off miraculously and brought in viewers who were watching the movie in an IMAX theater.

So, while the question itself may not have a definitive answer, if you want to know which way to go, just ask yourself this – would you be interested in going 10mph on a roller coaster? Or do you really want to ride it?

How did you look? Avatar: The Path of Water? Did you see it in 3D or regular 2D? Did you splurge on High Frame Rate IMAX 3D? Let us know in the comments!

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