Ayo Edebiri and Rachel Sennott Photos Together

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Ayo Edebiri and Rachel Sennott’s friendship runs deep. Some fans have only learned of the couple’s relationship since they star together in the new teen comedy “Bottoms,” which premieres Aug. 25, but they have been close friends and supporters long before either made it big.

“I had gone to pictures before, and I was like, this is not fun,” Edebiri told Paste Magazine in 2020, explaining how Sennott encouraged her to encourage more candid pictures. Rachel, ‘You’re doing this whether you like it or not.’

The couple first met as students at New York University, and in the years since, have used social media to share coffee runs, bathroom selfies, and TikTok moves, bringing joy to each other as they both make their way through the entertainment industry.

While working together on “Bottoms,” the two have also been busy in their own careers, with Edebiri recently earning an Emmy nomination for her role on “The Bear,” and Sennott appearing on “The Idol” with Lily-Rose Depp and in “Shiva Baby” from 2020 from the director of “Bottoms” Emma Seligman. In 2020, Edebiri and Sennott teamed up for the series “Ayo and Rachel Are Single” on Comedy Central. “As well as the show being about dating, I feel like for us it’s about being two very dysfunctional friends who both have anxiety that works there very different ways,” Edebiri told Paste about the show, explaining more about their working relationship.

In “Bottoms”, Edebiri and Sennott take their friendship to the big screen, starring as two awkward teenagers who start a fight club in an attempt to have sex before they graduate. But although this is the first time they are playing friends on camera, it looks like they have been looking forward to this moment for years. “BLINDED with our futures also SWEATING,” Sennott wrote in an Instagram post in 2017, looking alongside Edebiri and perhaps reflecting their enduring comedy career.

Read on to see more photos from Edebiri and Sennott’s fun-filled relationship.

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