Baby Beauty Guru? Dior is selling a $230 fragrance for babies

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Dior training babies in luxury straight out of the womb! At least, that seems to be the feeling with their new skincare line for babies. One item in the new collection includes a $230 fragrance that is getting mixed reactions on social media.

Dior describes the precious perfume, named Bonne Étoile (Lucky Star), as “an account of sweetness, an invitation to experience childhood tender.” In addition to its dreamy description, the fragrance is based on water with notes of pear, wild rose, and white musk.

Francis Kurkdijan, Creative Director of Perfume for Dior, explained the inspiration behind the perfume on the brand’s website.

“For Baby Dior, I wanted to create a scented water for children that is as simple as they are. A child says ‘yes,’ says ‘no,’ ‘I like,’ or ‘I don’t like.’ Formula put on itself, like a boost, a smile,” he said. “I wanted to go beyond the inevitable orange blossom that has long been the signature scent of childhood and find a soothing scent in different formula: black and green pear note, highlighted by wild rose, wrapped in soft, cottony, protective muscles.”

The $230 fragrance comes in a 3.4 oz bottle with the option of a light pink or light green cap and a decorative ribbon. Compared to some of Dior’s top sellers in the same size, the baby fragrance is about 1.5 times more expensive. Dior Sauvage Eau De Parfum prices at $145 on their site and J’adore Parfum D’Eau at $160.

As mentioned, the Bonne Étoile is not the only expensive item in the collection. There is also a face, hair and body cleansing foam priced at $95, a cleansing water for $95, and a face and body moisturizer priced at $115.

Social media reacts to Dior’s baby skin care line

Meanwhile, the baby skin care line has launched a series of mixed reviews about the products’ price and target audience.

Keep scrolling to see some comments from X (formerly Twitter) users.

Critics may not know that this is not Dior’s first baby perfume. In fact, they’ve had a perfume line for babies since 1970 – and this collection repeats it.

Newsweek reportedly reached out to LVMH, Dior’s parent company, for comment on the backlash. At this time, no comment has been shared.

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