Bad Bunny doesn’t leave much to the imagination in Nude Selfie

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Bad Bunny lives up to his stage name with a very bad picture

The rapper shared a nude mirror selfie as part of a photo dump shared on his Instagram Stories August 27. what does an outdoor shower look like.

Bad Bunny has occasionally shared nude photos of himself on Instagram in recent years. However, this picture, which went very quickly, marks one of his most vivid ones. (See cropped version below.)

In addition to his badass selfie, Bad Bunny also posted as part of his photo dump a video from a walk with a woman who seems Kendall Jenner, with whom he has fueled romance rumors for months amid a string of outings together. After seeing a chipmunk on the ground, she exclaims that it is “the cutest thing ever” and tries to bring the animal closer.

“Mami,” Bad Bunny tells her, “be careful.”

She asks him, “Rabies?” and he answered, “The mosquitoes.”

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