Big 23: Cyph BBnaija apologizes for making insensitive statement about Chichi’s new age

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  • Chichi sparked a flurry of comments online after announcing her new age as 23 in a Tweet ahead of her birthday.
  • Addressing the ongoing brouhaha, however, Cyph made an insensitive post about Chichi’s new age

Former BBnaija star, Cyph offers a heartfelt apology to Chichi’s fans for his earlier comments as she turns 23 today, January 10.

Chichi sparked an internet controversy after announcing her new age as 23 in a Tweet before her birthday. Her announcement did not sit well with several trolls, who sought her comeback photos.

Responding to the ongoing brouhaha, Cyph took to Twitter and wrote:

I’m not laughing I’m crying for this app. Make one enjoy a birthday in peace. have smile emoji

However, he apologized for making an “insensitive statement” about Chichi earlier.

Cyph tweeted:

“I’m sorry if I sounded insensitive… it’s being deleted.. Guess the tone of voice wasn’t right…

But I still stand by my word!!
Everyone should really let her celebrate her birthday, HABA!!”

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