Big Brother 25’s America Lopez tries to pass a green line test with Cory Wurtenberger

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  • America and Cory formed a close alliance on Big Brother 25 and grew even closer while in the house.
  • The fans of the couple would roast them for a photo where Cory continued to America, but they joked about the “green line test” showing a positive relationship.
  • Despite not winning the grand prize, America and Cory are excited to continue their relationship in the real world and share updates with fans.

Big brother 25 ended with America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger serving on the 7 jury that voted to crown Jag Bains as the winner of the season, and now they are sharing more about life outside the house. In the grim 100-day season, Cory and America find themselves drawn to each other during a game of strategy and deception. Forming a final 2 alliance early on, the pair grew closer as the weeks went on. At one of the longest seasons of Big brother ever, the couple was able to bond before Cory’s week 11 eviction, and spent weeks on jury after America’s eviction the following week.

In an Instagram post, America shared that she and Cory were having a great time together in the post Big brother 25. “Making sure we pass the green line test after ppl roast us for that mall pic,” America shared, mocking a post Cory made on his own earlier Instagram days. In comments from CoryIn the photo, fans were roasting the couple for not passing the “green line” test, as Cory was leaning into America to get into the frame.

according to parade, the green line test “says that a man who leans in and towards a woman in a picture feels insecure and “undervalued” around her, indicating that either relationship is unhappy or unhappy.” America used its own mail to confirm the trade, like “If a woman lets in, it can be a good sign, and if both partners keep away from each other, that’s also a good sign for a relationship. Men need to stand up straight.” Although the green line test doesn’t have much merit, the joke got to the couple’s fans.

America’s Show & Cory’s Big Brother 25 Explained

America Lopez Cory Wurtenberger Big Brother 25

Throughout their time Big brother On February 25, America and Cory’s relationship went from a game-based friendship to a flirtation to a full-blown relationship. The pair started the season as friends who seemed to have a bit of a crush on each other, but things quickly changed as they got to know each other better. Creating a valid link that had bb fans flocking to the live feeds to see their relationship develop, Cory and America fell in love while in the house. They connected on a personal level that was interesting to watch, as both are Big brother superfans who were excited to share their gaming experiences.

While they connected on a game level, the pair also connected on a personal level, sharing interests and a sense of humor as they spent hours talking in the bb backyard. Although there were tense moments in their relationship while they were figuring out how to deal with real emotions in a fake game, their relationship was solid. Explaining their relationship just a week before they were blindsided and Cory was dumped by his one-time friend, Jag, the sweet show finally split, but not before changing “Yes I love you” in the house. America unfortunately suffered the next double eviction, finding itself on the jury just one week after Cory.

With Cory and America finally coming out of their jury trial for the bb 25 finally, they can now start their relationship in the real world, without cameras. Although both were happy to be on big brother, the couple specifically said in the house that neither of them are in the market to be full-time hitters. As they navigate their relationship more privately for once, Big brother fans are excited to see updates and photos from their time together. Although America and Cory may not have won the grand prize, it is possible that they will find something even better in the bb a house

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