‘Blade Runner’ TV show moving forward at Amazon

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The future is so bleak, I have to wear shades and various other moody noir outfits.

It’s time to return again to the neon-lit, ultra-dark future of Blade Runner, this time as a TV show on Amazon. Long in development, the series – with the title Blade Runner 2099 – it will continue the saga of this painful future of people and reproduce about 50 years after the latest film, 2018’s Blade Runner 2049.

Executive producer (and Blade Runner director) Ridley Scott and an entire creative team that includes showrunner Silka Luisa have been developing the series for a while, but now we know that Jeremy Podeswa has come on board the project as director. Podeswa is a prolific TV director, whose previous projects include Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, American Horror Story, The walking deadand six episodes of Game of Thrones. He recently directed three episodes of the acclaimed show Station eleven.

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This is not Blade Runnerfirst time on television. A few years ago, Adult Swim aired Blade Runner: Black Lotus13-episode animated series based in the Blade Runner universe, but following new characters. Scott first suggested the existence of this live action Blade Runner TV project in 2021.

The original Blade Runner followed a detective character played by Harrison Ford as he tracked down rogue “agents”, artificial beings who were essentially treated like slaves. It was a mystery mixed with science fiction, full of important themes about the nature of existence. Ridley Scott’s favorite cut of the film even made it unclear whether Ford’s character was himself one of the people he hired to hunt.

A release date for the Blade Runner series, or any casting announcements.

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