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A Bolivian man survived 31 days in the Amazon jungle by drinking his own urine and eating insects after he and his friends lost contact while searching for gold and diamonds. Jhonatan Acosta, 30, was found on Saturday very tired and with terrible injuries on his legs.

He explained to Panamericana radio that he had lost his friends while trying to reach a lagoon.

The group was trying to reach the remote place because they had heard that gold and diamonds were to be found there.

Mr. Acosta recalled being attacked by wild pigs, with one biting through his shoe.

Unable to see them, the 30-year-old blindfolded the dangerous animals, and managed to kill one.

However, he had no tools to cut up the pig, meaning he could not eat it.

Mr. Acosta also described being close to jaguars.

When the search began for Mr. Acosta and his friends, his family hired local people to look for him and planes to search for him from above.

Mr. Acosta saw the planes dropping care packages, but he was unable to reach them.

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“I thank God very much, because he gave me a new life.”

Mr. Acosta’s younger brother, Horacio, told Bolivia’s Página Siete newspaper: “My brother told us that when he sprained his ankle on the fourth day, he began to fear for his life.

“He only had one cartridge in his gun and he couldn’t walk, and he thought no one would be looking for him anymore.”

Horacio also explained that his older brother’s treasure hunting days are over now.

He said: “He is going to play music to praise God. He promised God that, and I think he will keep his promise.”

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