Bombshell Bom Island USA Love Island is already attracting Leonardo

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  • Leo developed a bond with bombshell Johnnie while still engaged to Kassy.
  • Leo is caught between a rock and a hard place, unsure whether to stick with Kassy or continue his new relationship with Johnnie.
  • It is not clear what decision Leo will make.

Leonardo Dionicio was sure that no one would turn his head during Love Island USAand Casa Amor, but it was not surprising that it was wrong. Leo broke Kassy Castillo’s heart when he connected with her on the first day at the village but then he started to get to know Anna Kurdy. He then went back to Kassy, ​​who hurt Anna and eventually ended up killing herself.

While she was away at Casa Amor, Kassy surprisingly didn’t waste time getting to know the male bombshells. She quickly felt attracted to Robert “Rob” Rausch but later found a deeper connection with Matia Marcantuoni, and the two have been spending a lot of time together at Love Island USAand Casa Amor. Luckily for Leo, if Kassy is dating Matia, he has someone he can reconnect with.

Leonardo found a connection on Love Island USA with Johnnie Garcia

Love Island USA's Leonardo

In the latest one Love Island USA program, Leonardo spoke to bombshell Ashley Sims. While the two had a nice conversation, Leo had a great connection with Johnnie Garcia. He was surprised by the conversation they had with the men of the island and he could barely hold himself back from her when they were talking. He seemed to feel a little guilty because he had just told Kassy that no one was going to come into town and turn his head, but he couldn’t deny it. Johnny.

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The two ended up sleeping together, and according to the preview of the next episode, things will get very close between the two. Since Leo bounced back and forth between Kassy and Anna before Anna left Love Island USA, it is not surprising that he has already found someone new during Casa Amor. Leo has definitely been the flirtiest and rudest contestant of the season, although Keenan Anunay is a tough competition. With the obvious chemistry he and Johnnie share, this may actually be the end for him and Kassy.

Will Leonardo get back with Johnnie after Casa Amor?

Kassy & Leonardo Love Island USA

Leo and Kassy are both in a very difficult situation. Neither of them know what the other is up to, and both feel stuck trying to decide whether to stick with each other or go with their new connections. . Leo knows he hurt Kassy at the beginning of the year Love Island USA season 5, and he doesn’t want to do it again.

Little does he know that he will be the one who will be shot if he remains single and Kassy returns to town with Matia. Leo is definitely in a tough spot, and it’s hard to say if he’ll follow through on his recent engagement with Johnnie or if he’ll stick to what he told Kassy before Casa Amor. I hope that whatever happens, Leo is sure he’s making the right decision because he won’t get another chance with one girl if he chooses wrong at the Love Island USA town

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