Boosie Sparks Mixed Reactions After Detailing Chloe Bailey Crush

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Boosie spilling all the details about his crush on the 25-year-old singer Chloe Bailey. Additionally, the 40-year-old rapper’s revelation has sparked mixed reactions.

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Last week, Boosie shared the moment he met Chloe Bailey

As The Shade Room previously reported, last week, Boosie took to Instagram to share a video of his “new celebrity crush.” The 40-year-old appeared to be at a gathering, and when the camera approached him, he said, “That’s Chloe Bailey.”

The camera then panned in on Bailey as she appeared to be conversing with another guest.

“NO MORE @badgalriri My NEW CELEBRITY CRUSH is @chloebailey WTF CAN MY EYES SEE…,” the rapper wrote in the caption of his video post.

In a separate post shared by The Shade Room, a photo showed the rapper taking a photo with the singer at the end.

The Rapper details his crush on Chloe Bailey

On Monday, November 13, ‘The Breakfast Club’ released an exclusive interview with Boosie. During the conversation, hospitality DJ Envy joked that Chloe Bailey is his co-host’s cousin, Charlemagne Tha God.

“You need to stay away from my cousin,” Charlamagne jokingly told Boosie.

As Boosie responded in disbelief, he asked Charlamagne to “show him a baby picture” of Bailey.

“If that’s your cousin, you have a baby picture,” Boosie said. “Where’s the baby picture?”

Charlamagne noted that Bailey, who is 25, is only “twenty-something” old, so Boosie “shouldn’t be looking at her. ” But apparently the 40-year-old disagreed.

“Man, she’s Twenty Twenty,” Boosie told Charlamagne. “Twenty-five is a woman – that’s a woman.”

Boosie went on to see Bailey for the first time last week.

“But she had clothes that were just—oh my God,” he continued. “I was like, dayum! This child here – this is a goddess! “

The rapper then explained that when his publicist told him he would be taking a picture with Bailey, he had to “get” himself “together”.

“Man, and I got a picture with her, and I told her, ‘Man, you’re beautiful,'” Boosie explained.

As the conversation ended, Boosie shared a tearful laugh after being asked if he slipped into Chloe Bailey’s DMs.

Social media responses

Social media users took to The Shade Room’s comments section to share their thoughts on Boosie’s crush on Chloe Bailey. Some criticized the rapper for his interest in the singer, who is 15 years his junior.

Instagram user @caffeinatedcusswords wrote.

“He’s 40, she’s 25. This is still pretty cringe…”

While Instagram user @brianajunae echoed Boosie’s words.

“‘This child is here’ … just.”

Instagram user @u_heart_brit added.

“‘This child here’. So you know it’s weird 🥴. And yes, diddy and caresha too.”

Others defended Boosie, while some users also pointed out society’s acceptance of other couples with larger age gaps, such as Diddy, 54, and Yung Miami, 29.

Instagram user @rikaty88 wrote.

“He wasn’t calling her a baby! He was using southern slang. You know though, just to be confused. Anyway, carry on.”

While Instagram user @chillpharaoh added.

“Diddy as Caresha (25 years diff) Boosie as Chloe (15 years diff)… Y’all crucify 1 & Praise the other 🤔”

Instagram user @kysmetology1 explained further.

“Louisiana enters the chat: Chile/Child & BaeBae is slang that connotes the feeling of shock. If you hear it, it’s the internal stand-in for “You heard me”. Or as the non-swag would say “Can you hear me”! He was not calling her a child.”

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