Born Again ‘It’s already destined to fail

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daredevil she-hulk lawyer at law

Image via Marvel Studios

Fans of the Man Without Fear opened the champagne when Marvel Studios announced Daredevil: Born Again. How excited they are that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock is getting a starring role in an MCU adventure after appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk: Lawyer at Lawthere is still a big hurdle to overcome.

Netflix’s Daredevil is generally considered the best streaming service of the Defenders Saga, delivering superbly designed action and an incredibly mature approach that differs from most MCU fare. Of course, Daredevil: Born Again it is not a sequel or a fourth season of that show, instead it will be a soft reboot and “re-imagining” of the character.

Now, some fans have called it “doomed to fail” because it can’t live up to the Netflix series:

Fans are skeptical of a “lighter” MCU version:

Should we start lowering our expectations now?

Perhaps more optimistically, it’s also fair to say that Cox’s MCU appearances so far have been great:

And are we just judging this show too soon on limited information?

We’ll only know for sure when it goes on, though the fact that Marvel Studios is confident enough in the character to give it an 18-episode first season is far longer than all another Disney Plus MCU show to date – has to be a good sign. . With shooting underway now, we’re hoping to get a behind-the-scenes look to see how it’s going before the trailer lands.

Whatever else happens, Daredevil: Born Again there are big powerful shoes to fill.

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