Bryan Cranston almost died shooting Malcolm in the middle

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Bryan Cranston revealed that he almost died while shooting the iconic blue paint scene for season two of Malcolm in the middle.

During the The Graham Norton Show is free On Friday, the American star, 67, said that pouring paint over your body is “not safe,” because “your body can’t handle the heat if you’re covering all your pores.”

In the popular show in the 2000s, his character Hal suffers from depression and decides to paint, before covering himself with blue paint.

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Bryan Cranston on Malcolm in the middle
Bryan Cranston almost died while shooting the iconic blue paint scene in Malcolm in the middle. (fox)

Cranston said his body began to “shut down” during filming.

“One time, I did a scene where my character was depressed, and he started painting, and I was completely covered in blue paint,” he said.

“Totally, head to toe, in blue paint.

“As you shoot, you’re moving around… And then there was a part of me, at one point, I was like starting to close the circuits.”

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Malcolm in the middle
It was recently reported that Cranston is open to revisiting the show for a reunion. (9 Now)

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“And they went, ‘boom,’ and they grabbed me, and they threw me in the shower and they were just… It was weird.”

He also mentioned the rumor that Shirley Eaton died of asphyxiation after being covered in gold paint for golden finger However, she is still alive and now 87.

Cranston’s announcement follows reports about the actor, who is also known for his role in it Breaking badopen for revisits Malcolm in the middle for assembly.

Malcolm in the middle
In the show, Cranston’s character Hal suffers from depression and decides to paint, before putting blue paint on himself. (fox)

He told his son on the screen, Frankie Muniz The Fox News that it would be “100 percent down” to restart.

He said he watched the hit sitcom again and said: “I’d like to know what the family is up to.

Muniz, who played Malcolm on the show, said Cranston is “really into the idea” and said he was working on the script.

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“We’re talking about it,” show creator Linwood Boomer later said EW.

“Honestly, it would go a lot faster if everyone wasn’t so annoying. “

Muniz previously said he doesn’t remember much from his time appearing on the hit show – after suffering from transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) – otherwise known as ministrokes.

Bryan Cranston, premiere, Netflix's El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Westwood, California, 2019
Cranston said his body began to “shut down” while filming: “Your body can’t regulate heat.” (Getty)

He said about the US Dancing with the Stars: “Most people think it would be my most memorable year Malcolm in the middle began [in 2000]because he gave me permission to live all these dreams of mine.”

“I got to do whatever I wanted to do, but the truth is, I don’t remember much [of that]It almost feels like it wasn’t me.”

The actor believes the TIA – which temporarily cut off blood circulation to the brain – contributed to his memory loss.

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Frankie Muniz Malcolm in the middle
Frankie Muniz, who played Malcolm on the show, said that Cranston is “really into the idea” of a reunion. (Instagram)

“It makes me a little sad,” Frankie said.

“Things keep coming back in my mind [that] I should have remembered it. I should have remembered to go to Australia. That’s what people remember.”

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