Bryan Singer’s behavior wouldn’t happen on the set of X-Men now

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Filmmaker Bryan Singer has faced numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and unprofessional behavior on the set of his films in recent years. In a recent interview with The Guardian, star Hugh Jackman acknowledged the rumors about Singer’s unprofessional behavior on set.

Discussing his history with the filmmaker, Jackman – who rose to stardom after his role in the film X-Men suffrage – he talked about Singer’s behavior and confirmed that, today, that kind of behavior would not happen.

“This was my first film in America, you have to understand; it was so new to me,” said Jackman. “I think it’s fair to say that… there are stories, you know… I think there were ways on set that wouldn’t happen now. And I think things have changed for the better.”

In 2020, Singer – who led four X-Men movies, including 2000s X-Men2003s X22014 at X-Men: Days of Future Pastand 2016 X-men: Apocalypse – was accused by Halle Berry for several examples of established unprofessionalism. The allegations included Singer regularly fighting with people, with actress Jennifer Lawrence later saying he would throw “hissy fights” on set as well. In addition, Singer also had several accusations of sexual assault and misconduct against him, which meant that he was subsequently removed from the show. Red Sonja project.

Despite how Singer’s involvement in these projects may have damaged how fans and those involved look back on him, Jackman says that he looks back on his career with pride, although he noted that it is an extremely complicated thing.

“That’s a very complicated question,” Jackman said. “There are a lot of things involved there. X-Men It was the turning point, I believe, in terms of comic book movies and I think there’s a lot to be proud of. And there are certainly questions to be asked and I think they should be asked. But I guess I don’t know how to answer that neatly. I think it’s complicated and in the end I look back with pride at what we’ve achieved and what movement we started.”

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