BTS World Expo 2030 Busan Korea concert: Everything You Need To Know

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If you’re a BTS ARMY and you’ve been missing your idol band for a long time, BTS is coming soon to Busan with a free global concert for World Expo 2030. Well, World Expo 2030 is getting a lot of buzz. However, now BTS fans are more excited as they have learned about the free global concert taking place for World Expo 2030 Busan’s bid. So, when will the concert be?

Read on to learn more about BTS’ free world concert, Busan for World Expo 2030.

BTS’s free world concert for Busan World Expo 2030

World Expo 2030 is a lot of talk among all. However, to get the expo to Busan, BTS are making their bid with a free world concert. ARMY was sure that BTS would do such a concert. However, they are waiting for their official confirmation about it.

Which has now definitely been announced by the band’s agency “HYBE”. Don’t miss out, not long ago, BTS was announced to serve as brand ambassadors for the World Expo 2030, Busan. The post fans are eagerly waiting to enjoy the concert soon.

When is World Expo 2030, the free world concert for Busan?

For all those looking forward to the free world concert by BTS for World Expo 2030. We have the band’s agency HYBE announcing the details. So, you will get a free global concert by BTS in the month of October this year.

The free global concert by BTS is titled “Yet to Come Concert in Busan”. If you haven’t got the concert dates, it will be on October 15th. So, next month you can enjoy free world concerts.

How to watch free global concert by BTS for World Expo 2030?

A free world concert for World Expo 2030, Busan will be held on August 15. The concert time however is 6pm KST or 2:30pm IST. ARMY can take the concert to enjoy live or have another option for people who won’t see it live.

So, they can live stream their concerts on Wavers, Zeppetto and Never Now. Next, the live play option offers free global concerts to watch live in theaters on big screens around the world.

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