California woman finds ‘whole man**’ living in crawl space under her house ‘for months’

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A California woman and her family were shocked after they found a man’s arm sticking out of their home’s crawl space only to discover he had claimed to have lived there for months.

TikTok user Ashly Guardino shared a video of her finding a man she didn’t know living under her home in Lake Elsinore, California.

Ashley Guardino

Ashly Guardino took to TikTok after discovering a man was living in her home’s crawl space. (Ashley Guardino)

The video, which has gone viral with over 6 million views, shows Guardino going out to investigate the noise as she takes viewers on her terrifying journey.

“So it’s 6 o’clock in the morning. We woke up because we heard a noise,” Guardino, noting that the local police were arriving at the scene.

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The mother-of-two looked at the roof of her rental building before her eyes darted down to the grass, only for the suspicious grass to move.

“We heard this sound, so I came out. I thought there was someone on the roof,” Guardino recalled. “I look around, standing at the front door, and I look out … I see the grass moving.”

“The f***** arm is coming out of the hole and yes [was] feeling around,” said Guardino. “Dirty donkey arm [is] feeling around this hole out there.”


Ashly Guardino’s crawl space at her California home. The woman remembered saying that she saw “a whole arm sticking out.” (Ashley Guardino)

Guardino continues to show the home’s crawl space and a small window where the man allegedly lived for months.

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“You know how scary it is to see your arm come out of this feeling around the side of the house. Imagine being half awake and seeing it,” said Guardino.

Ashley Guardino

Police eventually removed the suspect from under the home and arrested him. (Ashley Guardino)

The video cuts to an officer talking to the man under Guardino’s home. In the end, the man crawls out and is arrested.

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“Oh, he’s tall as s***,” Guardino said. Her final frame shows officers taking the suspect from the house to a police cruiser.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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