Carrie Underwood’s sons make mom’s birthday cards

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Carrie Underwood was feeling the love on her 40th birthday. On March 10, the “Before He Cheats” singer shared the handmade cards her sons, 8-year-old Isaiah and 4-year-old Jacob, made to celebrate their mother’s special day.

Underwood shared photos of the sweet cards on her Instagram Stories. She captioned Isaiah’s note, “4 Things Isaiah Loves About Me.” Her oldest son wrote, “4 Things I love about mom! I love her snuggles, I love her kisses, I love her singing and most of all I love her love!” He then decorated his tribute to his mother with a heart and a big exclamation mark.

Jacob followed his older brother’s example, but the 4-year-old seemed to have gotten help from an adult when it came time to write his list. “Things I love about mom,” he wrote before listing some of his favorite things about his mom. His list included: “when she kisses me,” “how much she loves me,” “she’s beautiful,” “her snuggles,” and “when she dresses, and I like her dress.”

The country star shares her son with husband Mike Fisher, who also showed his wife some birthday love. “Happy birthday! The boys and I love you so much!!” he captioned a photo of Underwood posing with her adorable birthday “cake” on Instagram.

In addition to sharing the handmade cards she received from her children, Underwood also posted a photo of the cheese wheel tower she received as a birthday present, along with dozens of bottles of wine beginning with vintage in 1983 (the year she was born). “For context of size… I believe this is about 70 lbs. of cheese!” she wrote on the photo of her large cheesecake.

Underwood didn’t just celebrate her birthday with her family – she also used the day to give a gift to her fans. On her birthday, she posted a video of herself in the studio working on her new song, “Out of That Truck,” on Instagram along with the caption, “Had some fun in the studio a while ago short and for my birthday, I wanted to share mine. new song ‘Out Of That Truck’ with you all!”

Read on to see photos from Underwood’s birthday, including the handmade cards her sons made for her.

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