Cast Miles Teller as John Branca in Michael Jackson biopic

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Teller has been officially confirmed by Lionsgate that he will join Colman Domingo, Nia Long and Jaafar Jackson in the epic King of Pop movie.

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Earlier, it was revealed that Miles Teller was from Whiplash and Top Gun: Maverick in talks to join Antoine Fuqua’s Michael Jackson biopic, Michael. It was not yet known who he was, but there was speculation that Teller could be playing John Branca – Jackson’s high-powered lawyer. Lionsgate, the studio behind it Michael, has confirmed in a press release that Teller will, indeed, play Branca in the controversial musical biopic. Teller joins a cast that includes Michael’s real-life nephew, Jaafar Jackson, in the monumental task of portraying the King of Pop, Colman Domingo as Joe Jackson, Nia Long as Katherine Jackson and Juliano Krue Valdi as Michael at a younger age.

The film is currently being produced by Graham King, the Oscar-winning producer for films like Bohemian Rhapsody, The Departed and The Aviator, on board as a representative. The script comes from three-time Academy Award-nominated screenwriter John Logan. King commented on Teller’s casting, saying, “Miles is a powerful presence on screen, which I have admired since watching him in action Whiplash. He is the perfect actor to capture John’s enigmatic personality. From our earliest developmental discussions, it was clear that John still has an emotional bond with Michael. He graciously allowed us to use him as a character in the film, and I’m delighted that Miles will portray a relationship that spanned three decades, through Michael’s greatest triumphs and most difficult days. “

Fuqua adds, “Miles’ fine acting skills are up to the challenge of playing a man under scrutiny for his pivotal role in Michael Jackson’s life. He is the perfect actor to disappear into the role of John Branca.

The press release also states that Michael audiences will be treated to a fascinating and honest portrait of the brilliant but complicated man known around the world as the King of Pop. The film presents his triumphs and tragedies on a grand, cinematic scale – from his humanity and personal struggles to his undoubted creative genius, captured in his most iconic performances. Like never before, audiences will get an inside look at one of the most influential and progressive artists the world has ever known. ”

Michael it will also be produced by co-executors of Michael Jackson’s estate, John Branca and John McClain. Lionsgate is distributing the film domestically, and Universal Pictures International will handle all territories except Japan, which Lionsgate will oversee.

Lionsgate and Universal Pictures International have launched a slate for the world April 18, 2025.

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