Charles Cox thought people were “oblivious” to Daredevil’s return

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Charlie Cox didn’t believe that Vincent D’Onofrio was completely with him when he told the Daredevil director that the show might return.

Daredevil Charlie Cox

When Charlie Cox reprises Matt Murdock for the upcoming series Daredevil: Born Again, it marks a welcome return. While Cox has played the character in small bits She-Hulk: Lawyer at Law and Spider-Man: No Way Home, Born again this is undoubtedly the right product that fans want. However, as fans, Charlie Cox was not so sure that he will play Murdock / Daredevil again, indicating that his time ended when the Netflix series with his name came.

Appearing recently at Wales Comic Con (via GamesRadar), Charlie Cox said he accepted that once Daredevil canceled, that was e. “I really thought that ship had sailed, you know? I thought it was over…It had been two years since then [Netflix’s Daredevil had been canceled]. What I didn’t know, there was an embargo on that. So, there was a long time – I think it was maybe two years – after the show was canceled before Disney and Marvel could come to us. Cox said the faith of some of the former team members made him a little confused. “So, during that time, I didn’t know that. I just thought it was over. And Vincent [D’Onofrio], who plays Wilson Fisk, he and I would chat occasionally on the phone. And he would say, ‘I’m sure they’re taking us back.’ I’d be on the phone being, like, ‘Mate, the fake one! He needs to let go.”

But he didn’t let it go – and neither did fans, launching a Save Daredevil campaign after the first one to show how grateful Charlie Cox was for such support for him next -Marvel character commentary. The original series ran from 2015-2018.

Charlie Cox is looking to run this support full tilt and will have a few more soft returns ahead Born again – which was delayed from 2024 to 2025 due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood – hits Disney +: miniseries Echo and the animated series Spider-Man: New Year. Here’s hoping Steven DeKnight doesn’t keep getting in the way Born again before being released.

Are you excited for Charlie Cox to return as Daredevil?

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