Chris Hemsworth wanted to live in Middle Earth? Exploring the actor’s love for Lord of the Rings at the Red Sea Film Festival

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When we watch a film we become completely immersed in the experience and satisfied in the world in which the film is based. That is the magic of good films that can transcend boundaries and make us want to be in them.

For Chris Hemsworth, such a movie is The Lord Of The Rings movies. The Academy Award-winning film series made him want to pack his bags and move to Middle Earth.

Chris Hemsworth middle earth fantasy download

Chris Hemsworth has made amazing movies set in the world of fantasy or science fiction. The one that comes to mind the most are his films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These movies could make the most of his movie star persona and give him a chance to live in these wonderful worlds.

But it was the only fantasy world that the Thor actor wanted to live in The Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Middle Earth.

“I remember, when I was 12 or 13 and I watched The Lord Of The Rings, at that time I literally wanted to live in middle earth. And that’s not as an actor but as someone who wants to experience that world” said Chris Hemsworth at the Red Sea International Film Festival.

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Chris Hemsworth’s script selection process

Talking about his love for such a fantastic world, Chris Hemsworth detailed his script choices, which are subconsciously based on his childhood desire to live in such stories. The child becomes happy to be a part of these films and his appreciation for the craft is increased because of that.

Although he admitted that because he has been a part of such films, it prevents him from immersing himself in stories as a member of the audience, leaving him unable to to enjoy

“You know, being a part of these stories and seeing the smoke and mirrors through which they are made, my enjoyment of such films has diminished a little bit,” said Chris Hemsworth. on the same panel.

The Men in Black the actor may have achieved his dream of living in such a world but it has come at the cost of being able to enjoy these films as a member of the audience.

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