Chris Pratt Shares ‘The Garfield Movie’ Behind-the-Scenes Image

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The animated film also stars Hannah Waddingham and Samuel L. Jackson.

The Big Picture

  • Representation for The new film Garfield has resumed after being halted due to strikes earlier this year, and Chris Pratt is back to work as the voice of the iconic cat.
  • Fans have been eagerly waiting for its release The new movie Garfieldand Pratt’s on-set photo has raised even more expectations.
  • The film, which will be released in 2024, has a star-studded cast, including Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham and Nicholas Hoult.

It’s lasagna time Chris Pratt and the rest of The new movie Garfield the cast and crew, as the production of the upcoming animated film has resumed. Production for the feature was underway when the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes hit Hollywood with many projects coming to a halt as writers and actors fought for a fair deal. With the strikes now behind us, Hollywood is starting to look like itself again and Pratt is back to work as the voice of the hated cat on Monday.

The new movie Garfield this is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated animated features to hit our screens next year. Because fans haven’t seen their favorite cat on the big screen since 2006 Garfield: Two Kittens’ Tails. Today, Pratt lives up to that expectation by sharing a new on-set photo showing him back in action. The selfie posted to Instagram shows Pratt standing behind a mic with a poster of Garfield creating a widescreen backdrop. Pratt is very similar to the orange lady as he seems to share Garfield’s lazy and reckless habits.

The new movie Garfield it was first announced to be in production in 2016 and has been a long-running project that has suffered more than a few hiccups. Production picked up speed in 2021 when Pratt was cast in the role. The film would then suffer several delays before it was recently announced that it would only be released in theaters on May 24, 2024, before heading to Netflix. Although production on the feature is still ongoing, Sony recently rewarded fans’ long patience by releasing a trailer teasing all the hilarious mischief to be expected when the expected return of Garfield. The film will welcome the return of Garfield’s owner, Jon Arbuckle, and Garfield’s companion dog, Odie. The plot will center around Garfield’s reunion with his long-lost father, described as a scruffy street cat, Vic who convinces Garfield to join him on a high-profile heist.

‘The Garfield Movie’ will feature a star player

Chris Pratt in the movie Garfield
Photo via Columbia Pictures

As if the return of Garfield to our screens after about two decades of absence was not enough to pique the interest of fans, the makers have assembled prominent stars to bring the characters to life. Along with Pratt, The new movie GarfieldThe voice cast also includes Samuel L. Jackson who voices Vic, and Nicholas Hoult as John’s voice with Hannah Waddingham also cast in a mysterious role. Jackson brings his knowledge to build another man Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank while Pratt is still establishing himself as a respected voice actor after his success The new movie Super Mario Bros. Check out Pratt’s photo below:

Garfield 2024 Movie Poster


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