Chrishell Stause posts DMs as reported by Nicole Young

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Chrishell Stause takes a look at the drama between her and season six “Selling Sunset” cast member Nicole Young. On May 20, the 41-year-old posted a candid photo of herself on Instagram along with screenshots of messages she says she and Young exchanged before filming the series’ final season. Netflix reality. The DMs appear to show Young asking Stause for advice after she joined the show. (POPSUGAR reached out to Young’s rep for comment on the messages, but did not immediately receive a response.)

Stause’s screenshots appear to show Young reaching out to her shortly after asking her to sign a two-season “Selling Sunset” contract. “Hey lady! So….Adam and Skylar randomly called me on Friday to let me know that I’m getting a contract to be a full-time member for the next two seasons,” the message dated June 21 reading. “To say I’m shocked is the understatement of the year! Especially because this news came out of the f*cking clear blue.”

The DM continues, “At least I wanted to see if I could take you to lunch or happy hour sometime this week so I can pick your brain about the countless questions I have about the logistics of the show and also just to get your advice on many things to show. You are obviously a professional and everything related to a show is worked out, so I’d like to learn some of your wisdom before I jump into the deep end, because I’m not going to lie, I’m f*cking scared!”

For her part, Stause appears eager to help Young navigate the filming process. She responds with “of course,” and invites Young to lunch with the other women on the show. The “Dancing With the Stars” alum captioned her post, “This post goes out to those who love facts🧐.” Her costar and friend Emma Hernan said, “GET THE INFO IN THIS B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!! 👏🏻 👏🏻”

In the new season, Stause and Young fight early on due to Young’s claim that her colleague received credit for real estate sales she made years before she joined the show. She also claims that the head of the Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim, credited Stause because he had a crush on her at the time (Oppenheim has dated both women). Stause mentioned the conflict on her Instagram Stories track in September 2022, well before the season dropped on Netflix.

“Really thirsty for camera time on season 6,” she wrote at the time. “Wow. That was crazy. But also so obvious. Get your girl 15 minutes but leave my business out of it.”

In a second story, she said, “Screenshots have been archived for this very moment. Of course you have a big problem with me now – not before – when you have a camera crew around you. I hate fake 💩. . . I would have helped you get the right angle. But don’t try to come for people I love or my business when you were added and I was there to cheer for you.”

For her part, Young addressed her issues with Stause on-camera. “You don’t take credit for someone else’s work. And yeah, that pissed me off,” she said in season six. “She didn’t do any open houses. I did everything. I was working with a customer, and I was the one who got him sold. Jason and I got into a really good discussion. hot about it. She has listings in the Valley based on my closed sales and my work.”

Stause dismissed Young’s claims in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. “It’s a lot of my frustration, so when you get cast on the show, and you ask me for advice, and I say, ‘I’m excited for you… you know, all of them. things and then all of a sudden, you’re building something from three years ago? That’s very frustrating for me,” she said. “Leave my business out of it. You know, calling me a fake agent, trying to tear down my business, things I’ve worked hard for? I am the only girl in the office who has given her business and that is with her references. And so it just felt like a betrayal and a clown emoji.”

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