Coco Gauff wants to be her ‘best’ by imitating Serena Williams

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Coco Gauffthe #6 tennis player in the world, shows that she is considering Serena Williams the “GOAT” (greatest of all time) – although she is not “trying to achieve these steps.” “

Coco Gauff says she aims to be “That best [She] can be”

The tennis star, 19, shared her take on Serena, 41, during a sit-down with PEOPLE.

She began by acknowledging the “little pressure” she feels now that “everyone is looking at [her].”

However, with the GOAT recently welcoming her second child and taking a break from competing professionally, Coco Gauff notes, “It puts a little less pressure on her because she’s the greatest player of all time.

As for Serena Williams, Coco announced that she is “not trying to achieve these goals.” “Nevertheless, she admitted, “But obviously, I want to be the best version of me and be the best I can be. ”

The athlete’s statement is consistent with some head movements

While on the subject of Coco Gauff, we should note that she recently attracted attention after expressing her frustration with an umpire during Round 1 of the US Open on Monday (August 28).

During his match against Laura SiegemundCoco walked up to the umpire and admitted that he was frustrated by how her opponent was “never ready.”

At one point, it seemed that Coco was pushing back against a statement that she was going too fast.

“I’m going at the normal pace. Ask any ref here – I go medium speed.”

Before Gauff walked away, “I don’t care what she does on her serve. But on my service, she must be ready.”

During the interaction, a sports commentator is heard saying, “She is 100% correct.”

Then, on Wednesday (August 30), Coco emerged victorious in her match against Mirra Andreeva in round 2 of the tournament. As a result, Coco went on to the next series, and Taylor Townsend joined her in this performance.

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