Congress Becomes ‘Waffle House’ As Politicians Close To Blow

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The days before the last vote that was chosen Kevin McCarthy for the speaker of the House was troublesome, to say the least. At one point, Alabama Republican Mike Rogers went after Florida Republican Matt Gaetz and had to be held back by North Carolina Republican Richard Hudson in what has now become his nomination like House of Waffle Producers.

It looked like Kevin McCarthy was going to slide into the speaker’s seat unscathed when Republicans took control of the House. They should have known better, and now McCarthy has admitted so much that the seat he fought for is hardly worth sitting on now. Out of frustration, it almost came to blows before the 15th vote was counted and McCarthy emerged the winner, which has many people scratching their heads wondering, who won?

The play-by-play commentary is the best entertainment C-SPAN has provided in a very long time. As a clearly frustrated McCarthy walks away, Rogers is seen pointing at Geatz as if to say, “Listen punk, vote the right way now and stop being a baby little whiney.”

Of course, Waffle House brawls go down for real. Chairs and plates start flying. Spectators who are standing must hide under tables. It gets messy. The brawl on the floor of the House looked more like a comedy skit SNL.

Looking closely, is that his real hair? It doesn’t seem like it is and that would go with the action of the scene anyway. Isn’t it just a facade now anyway?

The most obvious statement is that this will be a building SNL tired The actors on the long-running comedy show are going to have a field day with this. The only questions that remain are when is it going to happen, and who will play the part?

When grown men go at each other on the floor of the House, apparently politicians who see themselves as leaders of the free world, it is not a good sight. What America has learned is that politicians can be ashamed of violence in the streets while it is okay to throw it down in rooms.

Kevin McCarthy has won the seat, but can he really be happy with how he got there? The jokes don’t just fly for comic effect. They show the mockery of the whole circus and that is a scar that will last as long as he is in office.

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