Could Lindsay get the Summer House back with Carl? She says…

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“Oh it’s too early to even talk about that,” she said. “That’s like another nine months, 10 months away. So, who knows where we’re going to be. But listen, I’m in a really good place. I’m excited to be dating. I’m excited to meet a suitable new gentleman.”

Lindsay also revealed that there was no chance of a reconciliation between her and Carl, telling E! News’ The Rundownand Francesca Amiker at BravoCon, “Hell no!”

Amidst the bitterness between them, the reality star admitted that she was worried about seeing her ex at the fan conference.

“I was so nervous, I really was,” Lindsay said. “I was very nervous going into it. You don’t know what questions they’re going to ask, you don’t know what you’re going to get into. This is one of the situations I was dealing with. my feelings in private and with my friends and family, but when you’re in front of thousands of fans on stage, you never know what kind of feelings are going to come out. Will I cry? I be a little snarky? I chose the latter.”

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