Courteney Cox’s friends share an interesting memory of Matthew Perry

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After he passed, Perry’s went An idiot runs in costar Salma Hayek noted that it took “two days to process this deep grief. “

“A special bond happens when you share dreams with someone, and together you work towards them,” she wrote in an Instagram post on Oct. 30. “I was so moved this last year when Matthew shared on his Instagram stories how much he loved “Fools Rush In,” and how he thought the movie we did together might be his best movie.”

“Over the years, he and I have found ourselves looking back on that meaningful time in our lives with a deep sense of nostalgia and gratitude,” she continued. “My friend, you are gone too soon, but I will carry on Appreciating your persistence, perseverance, and loving heart. Farewell, dear Matthew, we will never forget you.”

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