Courtney Stodden called out Bethenny Frankel over her mocking comments

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Courtney Stodden slammed Bethenny Frankel for mocking her in a 2013 interview.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Courtney Stodden Blasts Bethenny Frankel For Kardashians Comment

Courtney Stodden took to her Instagram handle to call out Bethenny Frankel on Friday, September 2.

She wrote, ‘How are you girls/women @bethennyfrankel when you made fun of me so much on your show when I was 19?’

Stodden was probably referring to when Frankel ‘jokingly’ interviewed her on her talk show in 2013.

During the interview, Frankel told Stodden, a teenager, ‘You look very vulgar and the next move seems to be to make porn videos. If you’re marketing yourself.’

Meanwhile, Stodden added in the post, ‘I canceled all my other interviews in NYC and immediately flew back to LA with my eyes wide open. She didn’t try to help me, she allowed members of her audience to laugh at me. It hurt me a lot.’

‘It also causes insecurity and depression which adds to my own eating disorder,’ she added. Idk, it’s just hypocritical.’

Additionally, Stodden’s message comes in response to Frankel’s recent interview with TMZ.

During the interview, the 51-year-old television personality mentioned that a post shared by the Kardashian sisters on social media, ‘It’s not fair for women to just try to get by.’

She further labeled them ‘irresponsible’ and ‘reckless’.

Bethenny Frankel reacts to Courtney Stodden calling her out

Bethenny Frankel called Courtney Stodden out after she directly messaged him on Instagram.

The 28-year-old media personality, on the other hand, shared a screenshot of the text with her 322k followers on the social media platform.

In the message, Frankel seemed to have no problem with what she said. She wrote, ‘Unfortunately, how we present ourselves is part of our branding and marketing. You were marketing differently than you are now, which is working for you.’

She added, ‘I’m sorry if I said anything or made you feel bad. Perhaps our conversation has contributed to the positive path you are on.’

Nevertheless, Stodden suspects that Frankel’s message is not genuine.

She captioned the screenshot, ‘She’s hunting women left and right. That conversation helped fan the flames of public and Internet fodder regarding my personal life. No @bethennyfrankel you don’t deserve credit for my healing process!’


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