Daddy Yankee’ Setlist Revealed for 2022’s Farewell Tour

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Popular rapper Daddy Yankee has revealed setlist for his much awaited farewell tour 2022. Back in March when the rapper announced that he is taking retirement from his musical career, everyone was left shocked. However, he did mention that before that, he would be having his farewell tour. Which fans of Daddy Yankee awaits eagerly. So, when is that happening?

Read ahead to know more about Daddy Yankee’s setlist announced as it gets a farewell tour this year.

Daddy Yankee announced his retirement plan in March

Daddy Yankee has been a rapper who took his musical career to great heights. Some of his most popular hit songs came as Gasolina, Somos de Calle and Despacito. While the hit list of him is really long. However, for his fans it was a shock when he announced back in March this year that he is retiring.

Daddy Yankee posted a video on his website sharing that he wants to take retirement from his musical career. However, he did later announce for his fans that he would have a farewell tour of him this year too. Meanwhile, he even gave out his seventh studio album as the final album with “Legendaddy”.

Daddy Yankee reveals his farewell tour setlist

Before Daddy Yankee would retire from his musical career. He is to have his tour this year which is titled as “La Ultima Vuelta World Tour”. This tour would serve as his farewell tour. The tour is to have 90 shows in it. Where it would begin from 16th july this year to 8th Jan next year.

The La Ultima Vuelta World Tour this year will first take place in Torremolinos, Spain. The final day of the farewell tour will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The farewell tour of Daddy Yankee is to have destinations from Europe, North America and South America. The full list of which is available on the rapper’s website.

Tickets details for La Ultima Vuelta World tour 2022

Yankee has been a popular rapper who has immense fan following. Hence, no one must be thinking to miss his farewell tour. Thus you must grab your tickets for the tour ASAP. The tickets for the tour are on sale.

Thus you can have your tickets for the tour on Ticketmaster website. Where you can check the prices of the tickets and the categories of the tickets as well.

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